zondag 24 juli 2016

Sponsored review: G&G Shimmer Yellow lenses from LensFlavors

Heyy all! I have another review for you today!
I'm reviewing G&G Shimmer Yellow lenses from LensFlavors 
I picked these lenses to go with onee gyaru make-up and peachy tones! Although I think they may be a little too vivid to go with peach..

They came in very fast and by registred mail I think! Because I signed for it~ Communication with LensFlavors has also been nothing but pleasant all the way :)

The lenses itself look like this:

As you can see they are very transparent and I had very good hopes for a halo effect TT^TT. They are also relatively harge for lenses with such a natural pattern! 
Let's see how those work out on my eyes:

one in
 natural light
 room light

As you can see they look super vivid and the transparency makes them fade out nicely. However no outer rings means no real halo...however I don't really mind, I love how they look on my eyes~!!

The lenses are large but very soft and the pattern isn't very dense. Which means they are comfortable to wear but hard to put in as they bend over my finger when I put them in.

The verdict for G&G Shimmer Yellow lenses from LensFlavors :


Passed with flying colors! I know I will be using these a lot~!

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