maandag 20 juni 2016

Osharecon 2016~!!!

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Hey all! So, it's been forever,  but I'd really like to do at least a little update on last March's Osharecon~!!! Somehow I slacked at everything during Osharecon, I didn't take enough pictures and I spent a lot of time in the dealerroom minding the Princess Apparel stand so it's really going to be mostly that... Stay tuned at least for the outfit shots at the end! (and a little rant in the middle ._.)

This was my view from the PA stand! The dealerroom was super cute full of cute stuff~!! It was never super crowded but sometimes the floor got clogged with lolitas ;) that's cute

For the occasion Rox pulled out a huge stand resulting in lots of PA goodness :D So it was no pain standing behind the PA stand at all :) I was kind of chilling while Rox and Do were working their asses off :o

During the day, beside minding the stand, I walked in the gyaru fashionshow, I did two lectures and I entered the MoguMogu gameshow, where I ate a lot of...really not very nice things :/ and I didn't win either so well that was just that~

I wasn't that involved with Osharecon this year. I'm not as pro-active as the other girls are and I am kind of pre-occupied with my own life, by myself. 
Rox and Do decided this was the last Osharecon they would do. And considering the work and stress they got from this, I can totally understand that. Only few people realize what kind of work goes into these events, not only Osharecon but gyaru meets and parties too, and it's painful sometimes to see people only consuming and complaining, when I know my friend is working hard and taking risks. 
If I have any advice to give, or request to make it's this: please be thankful for the eventplanners in your local gyaru or j-fashion community. There are usually only a few people taking the lead in events, even if they 'only' decide a date, a place and make a reservation for a larger group, this can be stressful for them. Having to follow up on you, whether your portion will be paid for etc etc. Please always appreciate that person in your area that takes the initiative. I am not saying this for myself because I've rarely been more than a helpful friend, but I can see how unfair it is and after 10+ years in this community I've seen people become increasingly spoiled and bratty.

Sorry for the semi-rant and the Yoda english. Let's do outfits.
I had a look with a customized jacket, the jacket was inspired by this Rady jacket.

Without the jacket:

Jacket: Thriftstore customized
Cardigan: Yvon mode (print warps my boobs in a very unfortunate manner.)
Bag: 3.3 field trip
Jeans: River Island
Shoes: Alysa

And last but not least my nails, blue marble :3

Thank you few people for sticking around :3 I love you

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