woensdag 27 april 2016

Sponsored review: Geo Xtra Lace green from Lensvillage

This time I was offered to review the Geo Xtra Lace Green lenses by Lensvillage.com. I happily accepted :)

These lenses are more bold than anything I've worn lately, but I do have experience with bolder lenses from my agejo days.

The dark ring around these lenses is suuuuper thick, the 'iris' color is green, but it is very seethrough. This means that the look of these lenses may differ very much by the wearer's eyecolor.

So let's move on into the comparisson:

One in

Natural light


Room light

The enlarging effect is A+ they give the eyes a dolly effect and they fill the eyes up nicely for a heavier makeup look too! I used relatively heavy lashes on the comparisson above, but I moved into slightly more natural and sultry lashes for the portrait shots.

Like I said before, I haven't worn lenses this bold for years. They remind me of one of my first pairs of lenses, those were only a black ring, fading in.

The green blends so well with my own eyecolor that one would hardly notice it actually. The dark ring is so wide that the 'iris' colour doesn't get a lot of space to shine.

I think these lenses could be of great use to younger gals and people that love a more OTT look but for my recent style preferences this is a little too much~ That's just a matter of opinion.

Although the lenses are very large and it's a dense print the lenses are completely comfortable~


I need to think a little of an occasion for me to wear these lenses, but other than that I am completely satisfied, they are comfortable and super dolly!

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