zondag 10 april 2016

Shibuya Party last februari in Rotterdam

Ok so yep, I shoved this post aside to announce HYPER's end as a circle and then I left you hanging forever ^^;; That's not nice.
This post is mostly pictures because it's a little lost in memory but it's nice to catch a glimpse of the ambiance and I can show you my outfit I was relatively pleased with!!

Shibuya Party took place in Rotterdam in February~ Shibuya Party was Rox' baby and I think we all had a nice night! At first the HYPER members came to help decorate the place like so:

Although the party was open to all lovers of Japanese fashion, the gyaru were definitely the largest group. Rox even brought some themed cocktails to the table!!

The venue was small but fits relatively many people so we could do with more visitors next time, but overall it was a nice crowd :D

The party consisted of  a sujimori demonstration, GGA awardshow, Parapara performances and a Parapara game, followed by karaoke and Neodash Zerox our favourite DJ :D

I had a cool night with cool people, I really hope we can repeat this and more people can come!  Everyone looked super stylish and the mood was so up! And I love when parties are nearly all girls because it's so much more relaxed~

Soooo, my look for the day, I kind of don't plan my looks ahead anymore lately so it's always a surprise to me what I come up with ^^;;

wearing this wig with a fringe felt sooo goooood, it makes me look younger and it's just so comfortable 

Top: F21
Skirt: Egoist
Boots: RI
Bag: Glamorous Jane
Watch: Casio

Although I know my friends and former HYPER members kind of lost their passion for gyaru, I really hope we can repeat events like this one and create a nice atmosphere. I'm looking forword to the possibility of something in fall maybe... Gatherings like this make me really really happy!!

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