zondag 31 januari 2016

A looks for the new year and two adorable Newyears sale gets!!

Hey all :) First of all, the best of wishes for the new year~
I actually wanted to do two looks in the next outfit post but I was just never pleased with myself and kept wearing comfy stuff.. But today is the 31st so if I want to wish you a happy new year, this is really the last day I can do it~
To fill up the void I have some gets from Newyears' sale.

This was a look I wore to the yachtclub newyears reception. 

I went for something cozy yet fresh, with light pink and white~ I guess it's not very...figure flattering but I kind of pulled it off :P
Unfortunately in most of the better selfies the ribbon that's used for keeping the sweater on the hanger was hanging out D: But I have to share at least one so you can see my fabulous earrings Rox made me~!!!

Sweater: F21
Pants: River Island
Shoes: Alysa
Bag: Ebay
Shawl on bag: GoldsInfinity
Watch: Casio
Earrings: Princess Appparel 
Coat: Ted Baker
Hat: Got from my grandma

As recently I'm more into doing my nails have a cute nail gif:

The dark pink is OPI - Kiss me or Elf and the glitter is Sinful Colors - I Miss You :3

I didn't go to last year's reception and actually I don't think I came to the yachtclub a lot in 2015 so I saw a lot of people I hadn't seen in a while and I got lots of sweet compliments!!

Sooo this year started well, I did something really exciting actually I got my first Rady item ever!!!! It's a marble set-up with shorts, I got it from the 30% sale because last time I waited for the 50% sale the set I had my eye on was sold out before 50% sale :/ and this time I got lucky too because in the 50% sale I actually couldn't find my set anymore so :3

This summer I am planning to visit Japan and I want to get much more stuff from Rady! Maybe more room stuff especially as it just feels so nice to surround yourself with nice things after work~! Plus I can be more sure I'll use it than clothes~

So, although it was an online purchase they gave me a shopping bag with it and I just think that is so cute!! Wow I got a real Rady shopping bag, I was fangirling so bad at home~

I am really supposed to stop shopping now but my last purchase of the month was this lovely rose print Victoria's Secret bag!!
I love this print and I like this more than my current hot pink bag! My only concern is next summer will be all light pink bags and I will feel 2015 :/ But I will try not to care~!!

Also idk about the prices at Victoria's Secret, in here we only have 2 stores and they mostly do accessories and some panties but they don't do much lingerie and clothes. But I feel they charge outrageous prices for the accessories tbh..is that normal or did they top up the price because their stores here are relatively exclusive? I got this bag against 70% discount so it's all cool but the starting price was €88,- someone tell me whether this is normal? Because I do not think this is worth €88 and they are a big company they don't need to overcharge.. well ok I don't mean to rant so~

These are the items togeter! I think the colors go so well together but the prints would be a little too much, so I don't think I would coordinate them together but~

Soooo I hope the rest of the year will be me wearing all the cute and underutilized stuff I have and purchased recently! While saving up and minding my health a little more than I did in recent months :)
Of course if I manage to do that I hope to show you many more coords!!