vrijdag 20 november 2015

Promoting Osharecon at Nishicon!! (well...mostly outfits)

Hiya! so the Osharecon promotion train is rolling on. This weekend we visited Nishicon with the Osharecon booth!! To be fair today's post is a lot more outfit related than promotion/con related but I guess there is a place for this too so, yeah let's just move on!

For Nishicon we had a bigger table than the one at MGC, and we met a lot more people we know so the mood was pretty up :)

Rox had prepared these awesome signs to take photos with! Like I mentioned in the previous post during the upcoming edition of Osharecon we want to see you representing your favourite disctrict in Tokyo! We had some people take cute pictures with the signs so please check out Osharecon on FB to see cute maids repping Akihabara and a bunch of cool gyaru repping Shibuya etc etc~
Go to the album on the Osharecon fb page

The theme for Nishicon was heroes and villains! So for day 1 I prepared a casual Maleficent inspired look! I put a lot lot lot of effort into my make-up but I ended up not looking like Maleficent, at most I look a bit older :/
But I got to poke around with my wonky horns and I liked having a more mature and sexy look for a change :)

I was wearing these leather look pants and I tried very hard to grow my nails and make a nice gradient nail which I think worked :)

Top: gift from Rox
Pants: CoolCat
Jacket: H&M
Shoes: van Haren
Scarf: Spinns
Watch: Casio

For day 2 I was a little influenced by the situation in Paris. I wore this Baby the Stars Shine Bright dress that I got in Paris in maybe 2008 or something? The dress has little Eiffel towers in the print and the adress of the brand's Paris store written on it.
But I haven't worn lolita in a very long time so my lolita is a little..yeahh~ I am sorry for not doing it properly but this was the best I could do without feeling too frilly and outdated~

Yeah it all doesn't match style-wise but I liked it anyway~ I am a moongirl in training so I made my nails look like the starry sky and I wore my constelation bow :) It was a mess but I felt good!

Top: Zara
Jumperskirt: Baby the Stars Shine Bright
Cardi: I don't recall but it was actually a uniform cardi
Tights: I don't recall sorry, maybe House of Holland?
Shoes: C&A
Choker: Princess Apparel
Bow: Ebay
Brooch:Starlight Bijoux
Watch: Casio
Ring: Madmodesty
Flower crown: poppy something,??

For now we don't have a lot of events ahead, so stay updated by following the Osharecon fb page!!

dinsdag 10 november 2015

Promoting Osharecon 2016!! At MGC (it's a lot of pink!!)

Hey guys! It's that time of year again, Rox, Do and I will be visiting lots of cons and places to promote the second edition of Osharecon! Osharecon Tokyo nights :)
We have a different venue for this edition, leading to a more personal and cozy atmosphere! And where the first edition was more of an overall introduction to j-fashion, this edition will be a little more in depth~

I have to say that as far as organization goes my role is minimal, but I like to help promote and I hope to be helpfull during the event itself :3

Last Halloween we were promoting at MGC expperience in Nieuwegein :)
Please check out my pictures of the day!

At events we offer tickets at con prices! Next weekend we will be visiting Nishicon!

For Osharecon Tokyo nights we would love to see you represent your district! So Rox and Do developed these cute buttons saying I love Harajuku, Shibuya, Shinjuku or Akihabara! Which area do you represent? :) 

Some seasonal candy for the passersby :)

We didn't see a lot of friends or people we know at MGC, so I hope next week at Nishicon we'll meet lots of people we know :D Nishicon is all weekend in Zoetermeer. The theme is heroes and Villains and I'm super excited about my look already :D

Speaking of look, let's check out my look for MGC if you're ok with that :3 (I didn't look too great, I'm sorry TT^TT)

That day we moved from energy drinks to booze later that day
But that's ok because I was representing Shinjuku ;)

The theme was extremely pink barbie ;) I don't wear a lot of very girly stuff in daily life anymore (Gosh comfort is taking the best of me) so it was nice to dress up but at the same time I was not at all satisfied X( I look a bit like a piggy~ But still cute but...yeah too pink~

Dress: Forever 21
Jacket: Passion for Fashion
Shoes: gift from Jerney
Necklace: F21
Bag: Ebay
Shawl on bag: GoldsInfinity

My awesome gets :D

I was so in love with this phone pouch! It's a universal phone pouch so unfortunately I can't use it when I take pictures and stuff but still gotto love it omg!
And my awesome button :3

Looking forward to next weekend with the girls!