maandag 26 oktober 2015

International gyaru meet in Utrecht - Summer 2015

Hey guys, it's time for a much belated post. Last summer in July HYPER (and when I say HYPER I mean mostly Rox and Do) organized The International Summer Gyaru Meet 2015 in Utrecht.

It's been a while so I don't remember exactly what to say but it was a cute event and I want to show you at least the pictures!! Let me just start off with my look and some details. HYPER members were wearing printed shirts custom made by Madmodesty

As I don't have acceptable extensions at the moment I had to make do with my hair like this. The styling was cute but it could have really done with more length!!

I was really trying to go for something casual but oldschool. I was thinking all 2009 with a touch of 2015 in the nails and lipcolor but well...the hair was really missing..

The venue in Utrecht was very cute. It was part of a gay bar in the city center and the inventory was all pink and black and totally gyaru certified!
We decorated the place with pink balloons. I made a cute photocorner inside but the light was really too dim to use the photocorner and because it was a little hidden in the back it kind of lost momentum.

During the day we had introduction games, a raffle, parapara games and old dutch games that..honestly HYPER members were enjoying far more than any of the guests...Oops.. well I had fun!

In the evening we had a BBQ. To be honest the BBQ didn't go all too well, preparing food took a little too much time so on future meets we might opt for a safer choice. But everyone was chatting and eating and after dinner we took photos and moved inside for Parapara performances, with great thanks to Gyaru Lovers who came all the way from Germany and spiced our party up for the time being.
The rest of the night was karaoke and crazy dancing as the dancefloor slowly got more and more empty.

The sunday of the meet we were supposed to have a picnic! But it was rainy and everyone was a little tired so we had lunch somewhere instead~ I did try to get dressed up for the occasion but because of the rain and for general comfort I changed into jeans again pretty quickly~

I think we had a pretty fun day and I look forward to the next international gyaru get together!

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