vrijdag 2 oktober 2015

3 ways I treated myself on a "budget"

As you guys may have noticed, I have had growing intervals between posts here, I only post event reports, or nothing substantial at all. The reason for this is to some extent that I am busy with work, I am generally uninspired and I don't feel I have what it takes to bring it to this blog ^^;; ~

This is a post I wrote litteraly a week or so before I found a job at the end of last winter!! Looking back it was not so bad, so please check it out :)

This is what the unemployed me wrote, with remarks of the current me between brackets :)


I think everyone that has been professionally inactive over a longer period of time, or anyone in the last week before midterms for that matter, knows the feeling: you don't allow yourself to use your time for fun stuff even if you just sit and stare in the distance. Does this make sense to anyone?

But one day you end up a pale, sad hoodie dweller, all you do on a day is sit in the weak blue light of your computer, scrolling hundreds of pages for jobs, or stare at an empty word file that should contain your sociology paper before next Tuesday.
You may only see one friend a month at most and go out once a week to see your grandma, preferably when the sun is already down because arrrrggg sunlight D:

I wanted to take myself out of that and give myself a treat! But I have no money and I am also on a diet, so I had to improvise~ These are the three ways I treated myself, you are part of the treat so thank you for reading :D

Disclaimer ._. : These are ways I can treat myself, on a budget. But not every person is the same, not everyone withholds from things to the exact same extent, and not everyone has a history of buying lots of stuff in the past that they can use now, I have because I am old. In essence this is me enjoying money I previously spent, and I am well aware not everyone has that luxury!

Way 1. Allow yourself to use the fancy or fragile things you treasured in your closet.

I'm not sure this is something everyone does, but sometimes I buy things that are relatively expensive, or so breakable(!), that I just keep them in the closet to look at.
One example is this phone case I decorated years ago. As I am cheap with electronics I had this phone for 5 years and it might die in a few months. I once decorated my phonecase with lilac roses and rhinestones, it was kind of fragile and I had to give up using it because of my part time. If you're not even leaving the house, why not use this case for a while? I made some bows out of ribbon and stuck them on the empty spots and there it is, a pretty cute phone case :)

This is an old thing, but it feels like a new thing to me :) plus it is super gorgeous!

I have countless of these things, from clothes to towels to shoes and scarves that are "too pretty to use" and it isn't bad to try preserve them but it is a great free treat to use them for a day or for a while :D

Way 2. Dig up old (useless) things, and give them a new use and a photoshoot ;)

If you've been into the same general aesthetic for a long time, you may find that stuff you got 10 years ago still appeals to you, in fact stuff you got 10 years ago may appeal to you more than stuff you got 5 years ago at some point! Because fashion is a cycle~
When I was watching all the My Melody stuff on tumblr and thought about how My Melody is a kind of vague character, I remembered a My Melody pouch I got 9 years back! Although I have at least 20 cute pouches and half of them without a good use, this one pouch was more interesting to me as I hadn't used it in the past 8 years and because of the recent rise in My Melody goods I could see it in a new light.
When I found it I put a few cute items in like the matching My Melody handkerchief, a mirror and a cute new Etude House lipstick (Etude House makes everything better) and I spent a while taking pictures of it. Though none of them came out that great (my lack of general skill) the effect of taking pictures of the item, is the same as it would be if I took great pictures, let me tell you why after the pic:

Why taking pictures needs to be mentioned here is because we live in a day we see things in manipulated 2D almost more often than we see things in the dull and grey reality, we use angles and filters to make reality look 'better', and to do that we spend time focussing our lens, literally and figuratively, on the good side of our subject. That can be a very uplifting thing*! And again, this makes me feel like I have a new thing :)

*But be careful, it can also make you feel very critical of the things you are not so pleased with, I wouldn't apply this theory on for example selfies.

Way 3. Make a thing :3

Not everyone likes to make a thing :3 , but the variety of things you can make are endless and there are things almost everyone can make out of materials they probably do own, with a little help from the internet~ Besides, sometimes it's a fun activity to make a thing :3 no? A good example of this is products in the category beauty. Skin masks, scrub salts, body mist, usually these things can be made from stuff you have at home, they smell nice in the process and just pop them in a cute container and you're done.
Something I really wanted was an effective lip plumper, I had one old simple lip balm (probably just Vaseline) and I tried this recipe. I ended up with a nice fragrant and slightly plumping gloss! I do recommend to be very careful with proportions! Because if you're using lip plumper in essence you are irritating your lips to make them swell up so please be very very careful!

I had some leftover deco parts and decorated the lid, I should find more little rhinestones I'm sure I have some somewhere...

Keep yourself looking pretty and allow yourself to have a little luxury sometimes!! Don't wither away in your blanket ok?


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