donderdag 2 juli 2015

Animecon 2015 with Princess Apparel!

Hey guys! two weekends ago was Animecon in the Hague! Consequently it's the one year anniversary of Princess Apparel setting up shop at cons and markets!! I was really happy I could join Rox again this time, and it was a little more of a group effort this year as all of HYPER was present for the fashionshow on sunday!

Since last year Rox has really expanded her stock with many cute new items!! And the booth looks big and attractive full of cute things! Waah~

As you can see, some new additions are the big magical girl buttons (so cute, I have one!!!), fluffy hairaccessories and resin pieces in maaany colours!

On the other side of the booth we were preparing for the lectures and fashionshow Rox was hosting!!

It was very cozy behind the booth :3 Rox did a gyaru make-up tutorial and a sujimori tutorial! And I was her model :D So lucky, I got so spoiled that day!

We had a little time before the lectures started so I played with this beautiful shiny cupboard! I love the shiny part but I actually tried to sit behind every door once and it was pretty ok!

I had a very nostalgic feeling wearing big hair! I made my hair fluffy one more time later that weekend and I might do it on the HYPER summermeet in 2 weeks!!!!!! DO remember to get your tickets if you are interested!!

My look for the friday night!
Rox did my hair and make-up, which really takes some skill to do on someone else! Especially because my hair is not layered anymore it's so cool she actually managed an authentic sujimori on my head!!!! Please check out Rox' blog for more pics!!! 

Outfit rundown:
Top: Market
Skirt: h&m
Necklace: princess apparel
Belt: Gift from Juul
Shoes: Dazzy store

Saturday would be the longest day! And Rox, Do and I matched in our new Princess Apparel magical girl skirts Rox had printed samples of! Please check out Rox' post on this day she has a ton of our cute pictures and you can really tell what kind of day it was!! Please check it out here 

We were very comfortable in these circle skirts and we kept our energy pretty high until the Deshima sounds party that night!

I have a new sheep friend too btw!

Outfit rundown:
Skirt: Princess Apparel
Top: Kawaii Deluxe
Collar:Princess Apparel
Choker: Princess Apparel
Buttons:Princess Apparel
Shoes: Vans

On sunday we were a little tired, but Rox still had a fashionshow to organise!! For the show I wore hime and onee style, but as I don't have good pictures of my onee look please just take twice the necessary amount of pics of my hime look ;)

Outfit rundown
Dress: Jesus Diamante
Jacket: ebay
Ring: Princess Apparel
Shoes: (haha I don't think you can see) Dior

After this we were super tired and went home satisfied :)
I really had a lot of fun with my friends!! I look forward to spending a lot of time again on the HYPER summermeet, please check out our FB page and join the event!

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