maandag 8 juni 2015

S/s 2015 inspo: all that glitters is pink and white?

Hello lovelies :3 
Thank you for visiting my slightly neglected blog! 

It's already June, does it feel like summer where you are at?
Here it doesn't at all :( it's cold and cloudy~
But then, we only have a few more months to enjoy summer fashion! and someone really cool suggested I make a summer inspo post!! I think that was a very good idea :) I didn't make a spring catalogue post this year, and this is more like an inspirational spam with a general line of trends I like across several yeah let's just~

As I was saving cute pictures I realized it was 90% pink and white, remotely Rady-ish, so I guess that's what the focus is today :3 
Not like that is all that's out there though!! But it does seem really popular, and increasingly popular among gaijin gals too :) it's very cute to see!

And when we start, I suggest we start with white, and build it from there. I remember in the time I started gyaru it was all beige/creme and not so much cold harsh white but look at us now!
Start with a white basis and you can't really go wrong this year :D
Some examples:

Which inevitably leads to the next point, which is pink statement handbags, because why not? I need one, I really need one... Maybe two? Why? Because it dresses everything up to this year's trend :D It goes great with basics too!

And if you want to go bold there's a lot of this..Rady-esque prints and (faint) pinkxwhite florals! It might be a little harder to find in your local stores, but still cute :3

I think it's safe to say Datura is taking Rady further than Rady is taking itself! But Datura can do that, because it's a very bold brand and I take my hat off for that :3

As a bonus, I don't think this is particularly s/s15 but I have been really into this lately, (tweed) pink minidresses and actually just general hostess wear! Hostess culture was one of the appealing and interesting parts of gyaru culture when I started out, and I still draw inspiration from hostess dress shops and profile sites!

So that was my little spam! I hope you liked it
I personally really like these trends, although I guess a lot of this can be done in other colors than pink too! Like blue or lilac is super cute too :)

What trends do you like this summer? What colors are your favourite?
And more importantly how is the weather where you are at :o

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