zondag 17 mei 2015

Gal picknick in Utrecht 14/5/2015

Yes I am still alive, just a little out of inspiration to blog hehe ^^;; maybe I should take blogging less seriously so I actually have something to blog about.
Anyway this is a very short post about last thursday's picknick! 

Last thursday was a national holiday so we had a picknick planned. We have gal picknicks every year but this one was a little early in the year as other events take priority later in summer, I will let you know about this cool event Rox is planning later :3

Although it's early in the year we had a sunny day. For many students finals are coming up now so not too many people attended, we have had around 40 participants in picknicks before but this time it was more of an intimate gathering :)

If the group is smaller there are more opportunities to get to know others a little. Actually in the last 3 years, while I was kind of drifting off from gal, the community has expanded with the next generation, so it is kind of interesting to see! I am glad there are new gals to keep the style and community alive a little :3

There were lots of delicious things to eat but actually I am minding my diet right now so it was kind of hard! I have a baaaad sweet tooth and eating is part of the social happening you know~
I had fruits though, I ate a LOT of fruits!

It was a very sweet day with my friends, the weather was surprisingly good and it was just very relaxed and nice. We ate, made little flower chains and tanned a little...unintentionally but..
 It always feels a little weird to hang out if the next day is a workday, the nostalgy of a sunday..

Kari actually brought a lot of nailpolish because she can't use them anymore due to her job, so I even have a little haul!!

Using my instax for the first time :3 a pic with my favourite baby Rox, ahhhhh I love my friends!!!!

Because it was a weekday and I was scared it might be cold I have a kind of casual look here. 
It's kind of hit or miss with my looks lately especially my head, I have no idea~

Jacket: Mixxo
Top: GoldsInfinity
Pants: Pieces
Shoes: F21
Necklace: BornPrettyStore

I hope to blog a little more again! But you could check out my Tumblr or Instagram, if you happen to be bored~

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