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Sponsored Review: Geolica Euro Lady Cobalt blue lenses from

I haaave a few posts to catch up with but this is a lens review I owe you guys, I thought these were interesting so please keep reading :) You can see my new hairstyle too :3 if that is not an incentive to scroll down idk~

This time I received these Geolica Euro Lady Cobalt blue lenses from! The shades of these lenses are a little less standard and the design is pretty so I was curious!

This was the package, I thought it was elegant and classy and I love that :3
here is the lens itself:

They are 6 month lenses, I find short term lenses to usually be more comfortable~ But sometimes the design is more transparent which can lead to different effects

Let's see this in then :) I did this after work so it is kind of make-up over make-up it was pretty gross~ I re-did the full-face shots recently because the quality was just no good, so you'll see different make-up if you scroll down a little (+ my new hairstyle!!)

One in

natural light


Indoor light

As with the more natural lenses, they are a little seethrough, that means you can get a halo effect but it also means in my case eyes go from light, to dark, to light again? I am not sure how I feel about that.... if the light hits my lens right I love them and they blend super well with my eyes, but in a little less bright light I feel like my eyes look dark and a little un-defined.. I recommend these for sunny days :o

Blue on blue on blue :3 This is kind of how they look in normal light, I do feel they give the eye an effect and they are pretty enlarging!

The picture below is a little more sunny :D The design comes out really well in te sun, the eyes look defined, I love them like this, but unfortunately they don't always look like this. If you go to the club or something, I recommend other lenses with maybe a thicker design?

 Comfort however is pretty good, no problems wearing them at all~
Have some bonus pictures, I was trying to find out what kind of look to pair with these lenses, I went for a icey look first but in the end the blue cardi was the best :3


The verdict for Geolica Euro Lady Cobalt blue lenses from


I am pretty pleased and I will use them again, they fit my style and they are easy to wear~ But I may mind the light of the place I am going when choosing these lenses :)

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