vrijdag 20 februari 2015

Princess Apparel New Goods and Osharecon is nearly upon us!!

Last weekend I was yet again Rox' companion at the Princess Apparel booth! I thought I'd take the opportunity to show you some of the new items and to show you all my Princess Apparel stuff I got up to now!

I'd also like to remind you that Osharecon, the event Rox, Dominique and I are organising, is really soon! and..I want you all to come ;) ok?
But first this


Last week was Tsunacon in Rotterdam the Netherlands! As I don't frequent cons a lot unless it's with Princess Apparel, I hadn't been to Tsunacon before but it was a very crowded event and as usual many of our friends attended too :) In fact we were a little overstaffed at the booth, counting no less than 4 of the Eevee evolutions ;) I was Leafeon :o
(Picture belongs to Rox)
In fact this was my first ever cosplay of an anime, I have previously attempted a closet cosplay of one of Tumblr artist Nich0lael's characters (go check out her art if you hadn't, it's lovely).

As far as cosplay goes, I am not sure I will do it ever again. I am just not that interested tbh.

Rox made some alterations to the booth layout, for example chokers now hang on their own separate cards on a rack :)

That leaves more space on the table for other items!

For the first time Rox made luckybags :D even I am curious what is inside each of them ;)

A few other new additions are the pearl-chain bow necklaces on the left picture. And also the simpler hairbands and the sailor moon inspired choker on the picture on the right :D

And these buttons! They were very popular, I think they are very cute and I got one too :D

This is the one I reaaally wanted and Rox gave it to me :3

Sorry, is this vulgar? hehe I just fell for the little animal at the bottom look at it!

Rox gave me a lot a lot of PA stuff up to now :o  Rox is just such a sweety :D Let me line up everything I got for birthdays, graduations and when I assisted her at the booth :3

The pouch is very usefull, I can use it to store my other PA stuff in :3 I also have one skirt Rox gave me! I really want to coordinate it cutely for summer :3


Which leads me to this! Osharecon is already less than a month away!! March 14th :o

And most of the program has been confirmed by now!

On top of a gyaru and a lolita fashionshow, there are also fashionshows for V-kei and dansou, and a show for the more general creative/Harajuku based style~!

We have a ton of workshops for you ranging from deco and deco nails to Popin' Cookin' and other things.

We have a dealer room, a teaparty, fashion snaps and 2 live acts~!!! ADAMS and Koi Pendant :)

And of course lots of sweet visitors that are interested in Japanese fashion :D You should come and bring your friends ;)

Follow for more info on: The FB Page
Get your tickets at: Osharecon.nl/tickets
Set yourself on attending here: At the event page

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