zaterdag 10 januari 2015

S/S Previews from Rienda, Duras and Lip Service

The new year has started, the days are growing longer and in the grey and cold landscape winterblossoms surprise unsuspecting passers by. For most of us it's still far from spring, but in Japanese tradition the spring season is opened in early February, and so it's not that weird to see SS collection previews on staff blogs as soon!

And even though I wished I could stop time and I don't want spring to come too soon, I was a little excited to find out what some of the big onee brands have in store for us this spring :) Because even though my personal style is nothing near as sophisticated as for example Rienda, we could note down a few recurrent themes and just enjoy cute bright pictures when it's still cold out! Shall we?

Let's start with Rienda, one of the reasons these three brands still appeal so much to me regardless their steady stride away from gal style, is that their staff is flawless and in fact they are the last little trace of gal in these brands at all! 

These looks show a lot of continuity, we still see a lot of white, there are straight big blazers.
The cut of this dress looks even more shapeless than I feel like we saw last year, but well, still white, yellow, blue, floral..yep let's see some more

Blue is pretty prevalent here, although we see some pink and mint too! I really like the floral jumpsuit, there are more jumpsuits this season uhu uhu :D in fact I bought a cute jumpsuit two years ago but that time I had the choice between mint or blue and white and in retrospect blue and white would have done well on the long run :o

I like that peplum or peplum-like two pieces are still acceptable! It's so elegant and cute~

I'm also interested in the shoes, lots of white shoes and the shapes are pretty interesting too :o like in the last two pictures those shoes are somehow attractive..

Source: 1, 2.


Let's not linger and move on to Duras, which looks more tropical somehow.. It might be the staff, I would kill to look like them, so tan and their hair is amazing color and curls and all omg....
But the clothes~

I love this pic! Omg the trench, the jumpsuit, what is this magic?! This is amazing ;~;  oh goooood I just want the whole look, I want them both, and then I want to clone myself and hang out with myself :o

These are from the Duras SS exhibition event.

And what we see here is alot more white, denim, yellow, stripes, well that's all not very new but I love the three quarter pants, even though in my opinion it's something hard to pull off. The sheer long cardigans kind of remind me of the peignoir trend in other alternative japanese fashions, they look super cute, I would love to see more of this and how the staff will work this.. In general the loose fit and sheer fabrics remniscent of intimates which I feel was a thing in other alternative fashion for a while, I think can lead to some creative and cute coords :D
Also some more mint :3 I am glad the mint returned a little after a seeming absence last year :o

Source: 1, 2, 3.

And last but not least a few images from Lip Service, they didn't have that much out yet or at least I didn't find,but this I found :)


 The shoes are very elegant and classic, nothing too freaky but I like it~

We see some more off-the shoulder and lavender too like we saw with Rienda before, other than that, well, the long cardigan looks summery and relaxed, more floral-on-white prints~ I want to see more of this but I am impatient~


Overall, well you might know by now my analysis isn't particularly enlightening but it's nice to see cute pictures and get in the mood for spring somehow :) So please consider this post as no more than that~!

What do you think of these little previews of spring style? Have you seen some great previews yourself? If so, please share :D

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