vrijdag 23 januari 2015

Sponsored Review: Dueba Puffy 3 Tones Green (AKA Shinny green) from Lensvillage.com

In these dark and cold days in what some call "the monday of the year" I'm lucky enough to be sponsored these cute green lenses! 
Puffy 3 tones have been around since forever, but they weren't interesting to me until recently. I think they suit onee style well and I wanted to give them a go! So here it is :)

These were the contents of the package :) Lens vials, a cute lens case and business cards! (That cat foot was not part of the package ;) That is attached to my cat hihihi)

These are the lenses in the vial, for a moment I thought they strongly resembled the Princess Mimi Apple Green lenses (That I reviewed here). But in fact they are nothing alike!

As usual communication with the representative went very smooth. She replies quick and is always ready to take direct action to fix issues :)

Let's just look at the lenses in, that's why we are all here~

One in
Natural light
Room light

Unfortunately while I was getting ready it had gotten quite cloudy, so the natural light photo isn't as bright as the one-in photo. In my opinion the lenses do not look dark at all and the color shows incredibly wel. I had green lenses before and often they come up more blue or mint because of my eyes, but I think because of the brown tone in the inner ring of the lens, the blue is neutralized a little and they come off really green and covering without being dark~
They are also reasonably enlarging although not so dolly due to their natural pattern, I like them a lot actually I might want to try these in other colors too~

(Excuse the cracky flash shots, the light was trolling me)

They are also very comfortable, they aren't too large and they pop in quite comfortably and I didn't feel them all night regardless of the cold and dry weather. Although I have noticed they have a bit more of a tendency to pull a derp-lens. I don't usually get derp eyes but this was the first time, I had to center them a little with my finger. Not that it was uncomfortable...I actually wonder what causes derp eyes..


My verdict for Puffy 3 Tones Green from Lensvillage:

I am very satisfied (most of the time I am though right?) And these are my favourite non-brown lenses at the moment :D

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