zaterdag 26 april 2014

Egg magazine to be discontinued and Gyaru Library meet, August 2nd!

Now, it has come to light that Egg magazine has also been discontinued, which makes me very sad, Egg is iconic for gyaru style but apparently it's publishing it's last issue in the end of May.. Egg is off course the first and most iconic gyaru magazine, even though I didn't care too much for Egg anymore since I was about 20, it's sad to see something go that brought you so much happiness and style.. I automatically feel like going a little oldschool tbh...I already started tanning and I pulled out some crazy colors, I was ready to fade away into onee-dom soon but maybe it was premature? ...more about this later when I've got myself figured out~

Other than that, I would love to remind everyone to keep the love coming for the magazines that have recently fallen with the bankrupcy of Inforest: Koakuma Ageha, Ane Ageha, Nuts and I love Mama.
by posting your selfie with an issue of one of these magazines under the tag #Galappreciation

At this moment the Galappreciation project does not include Egg, only the Inforest magazines!
On the Japanese gyaru & gaijin gyaru fb group I read there is a video project however, that you can send your video to, sending a little love to the fallen magazines. I couldn't really find the details for this project anywhere though, if I know more I will give you the details.

Because of all the magazines kind of...disappearing or being indefinitely suspended, we introduced the Gyaru Library Picknick.

This is the annual Dutch gyaru picknick (gyaru from other countries are always welcome though, if you're willing to go through the trouble ;D ) but this time we encourage everyone to bring their favourite magazines so we can look into eachother's magazines while we chat and have something nice to eat, in the open air (weather, please be on our side).
This meet isn't until August 2nd, but I'm looking forward to it a lot! Please check the fb page for more details and to put yourself on attending if you want!


Now, I started writing down my history with these magazines, but most of it, or the highlights anyway, are written in the My Gyaru History series so for this post I just decided to show a bit of my collection of the fallen magazines :3

Inforest magazines:


And Egg

I've included Men's Egg even though that has been suspended quite a while ago already, I think? This includes my oldest gal mag 2006-09 Egg, it's falling apart a little so I'm not sure I will bring this to the Gyaru Library meet in August, but at the same time it's a classic that I'd love to show other, younger :'), Dutch gyaru :3

It's suuuuch a small picure, but because I attended the Tsukicon event in Finland, and met Yumachi and Aina there, I actually had my invisible 1 cm picture in Egg once! I'm very proud though it's such a little thing, I felt more connected to the magazine :) This is long ago though! 2010 if I remember correctly, the issue is January 2011.

Did you find me?
Read more about that event under the Tsukicon tag.
I kind of wish we had these kinds of events more, we have lots of gyaru meets and things that I really love, but meeting the Egg models that time was really unique... Lolitas get these kind of events all the time, why not us? ;~; 

zondag 20 april 2014

Two birthday party looks :)

I'm stuffing my blog schedule a little this week, I'm sorry I just don't want to get too far from the original day of wear/occurance with things like these, I'm sure next week will be back to snail-pace blogging~

Last week was a week of birthdays, I knew 6 people that were having their birthdays in that week, and I had 4 parties to attend, of which 2 in one night ^^;; 
I'm reaaaally busy with school now, but I thought I could use a break :) So I attended all the parties! (Though two were not really skip-able as they were family)
I only have two looks though, you know how it goes, you end up looking so bad from the previous party...and yeah~ 

This one is a look for my grandma's birthday! She turned 89, so one more year and she'll be 90!! My grandma is really cool so if you would meet her, I'm sure you'd want her to be 90 too, and then 100!!
Knowing I had more parties this week I skipped on the circle lenses and heavy make-up for this party and went with something natural. The look idea came to me after seeing this post on universal doll, about sizing in Japanese brands. What I liked about it was Agemo Satomin's brand clothes called Michell Macaron, which Mitsu introduced in that post. I was acually thinking Satomin looked a little boring lately, but in the brand items she looks really cute! So I reconsidered her style and came up with something Satomin-inspired, I thought it was a lady-like but cute style, fit for a family party :) 

The colors don't show too well in all pictures... My hair is getting lighter but it's not that light yet, so the top left picture shows the colors of my clothes and hair the best~

Blouse: H&M
Skirt: F21
Cardigan: Old Navy
Boots: Cafe Moda
Necklace: Lattice
Belt: Mikazuki Momoko
Hair accessory: Lattice
Bag: Kitaoji town mall (I don't know what brand this bag is xD)

This look was for my friend Suuz's birthday, her theme was old but gold! I went for a Chanel themed look but my hair like that ages me a little~ I could do better~~
The make-up is the same as from the lens-review so you've seen it before!

This look wasn't too flattering that's why the pictures came out so weird, this was the best I could do :/ I still felt fab though it just didn't photograph well~ And my hair aged me at least 7 years xD But I somehow still like it~

Top: coqule
Skirt: Sponsored from (check out the review if you haven't seen it yet!)
Cardigan: Zara
Shoes: Attagirl
Necklace and earrings: Gifts from Rox :D

I actually changed for a party later that night but sadly I couldn't really take presentable pictures :(
But these two are kind of in the same category with the peplums and stuff :) I just wish I did something better with my hair in the latter~ Oh well :D

At this pace I should be reaching the 100th outfit post soon!

donderdag 17 april 2014

The possible end of Ageha and Nuts, and Gal Appreciation Project!

Innitially I didn't want to write about this because it's a little vague at this point, it would make for a very short post about a very big deal...But it doesn't let me go and I'm writing about it anyway~

There has been a pressrelease here, that the publisher inforest, of Koakuma Ageha, Ane Ageha, Nuts, I ♥ Mama and others, has run a large debt and has to throw the towel in the ring. Now it seems they are trying to sell the rights to the publications to other publishers, but publications have been discontinued for an undetermined time.

Nuts has expressed they have no certainty about whether they will ever publish again, for another month, so it might be reasonable to say we can expect a statement from them a month from now.. 

About Koakuma Ageha, there is no saying at this point. To me, it looks like inforest is taking Ageha down with them almost for sure, as they name them as a cause of much debt, it just doesn't look like a lucrative project for another publisher to take under their wing right now..

In the end of the day, all we can do is wait right?

Noone knew, not even the models were informed, and it came as quite a shock to...well all of us I think.

I had grown out of Ageha a little and simultaneously my love for Nuts was growing. Regardless, Koakuma Ageha has always been my source of inspiration, the reason I could push through as a gal, as you know my url is also looks so inappropriate now..

I'm sure a lot of you have enjoyed Koakuma Ageha, not only gals, but other girls that just wanted to see cute fashion. Over time Koakuma Ageha lost some of their popularity in Japan, and maybe overseas as well, but I always got the feeling many of us still looked up to our Agemo as inspirations and motivation.

After hearing the news, I felt an urge to do something, to show those involved with Ageha we've all really enjoyed their work, and to get together as a community. Luckily I have Rox and Rox has the lovely girls at GalVIP to make things like this happen!
And so as a last tribute, GalVIP introduces the gyaru magazine appreciation project!

If you want to join in, all you have to do is take a picture of yourself holding your favourite issue of one of the following magazines:
Koakuma Ageha, Ane Ageha, Nuts or I ♥ Mama
and post it somewhere online, like FB, Instagram or Tumblr, with the hashtag #galappreciation. We will find your picture and include it in the collage.
If you're not sure where to post your picture, I will receive it at my blog email address,

I hope many people will participate, because we enjoyed these magazines so much over the years, and God knows many of us enjoyed them so many times without paying a penny~
I hope they won't be discontinued but we can't know right now, let's show the editors and models we love, that we appreciate the years of hard work they put into these magazines!!

If you're feeling nostalgic, maybe check out the posts under the Ageha tag. I'll post my share to the Gal Appreciation Project, and my personal history with Ageha here one of these days when I have time :)

If you're still feeling nostalgic after that, drop me a comment with your best Koakuma/Ane Ageha, I ♥ Mama or Nuts memory, like the first time you heart of the magazine or the first time you ran your fingers over the pages and enjoyed the scent of a freshly printed magazine...

Some deserved credit goes to Patrick Macias, who has been a surprising source for Ageha related news and content since the early years!

dinsdag 15 april 2014

Sponsored Review: i.Fairy Moe Moe Brown from

Hey guys! Today I'm reviewing these lenses that I'm really excited about :) they are the i.Fairy Moe Moe lenses in brown from!

The items were in this sealed package inside the enveloppe which is nice :) I got a cute animal lenscase, cute grey hippos :D I think that's the right color for hippos, finally!

As the card sais, holds a monthly instagram-selfie contest, you can win 3 pairs of lenses and more things so it's worth checking out if you're interested!

The i.Fairy lens vials are really cute :D with a cute British theme~

So this is the i.Fairy Moe Moe lens! When I first looked at the lens I wondered how much impact this was gonna have. They look more like Nudy lenses than I had expected and they don't look so covering and they don't have a big dark ring so I wasn't sure... I was really in love with my previous brown lenses and I wondered whether I should have taken lenses more like those. 
But actually, lets look at how they look in first :)

One in one out

Natural light

Artificial light


I was super surprised at the effect of these lenses!! I had seen them on the product page and seen how bright they were, but having blue eyes I often experienced lenses, especially brown ones, just look dark, but these lenses look super bright, sometimes they look more gold, and sometimes a little olive-ish. So they work well for that kind of Sayoko Ozaki look and I'm super happy with them right now!!!!
Because they're more saturated around the pupil, they don't have the side-effect where the lightest part of my eye is brighter than the color of the lens, but because the edge isn't so thickly printed you still get a slight halo effect in some angles~

As for comfort, they are comfortable as normal, didn't notice I'm wearing them. They are large but they're not too covered in print and I could wear them for a long time without any discomfort~

So my verdictt for these i.Fairy Moe Moe lenses from is.....


With a big fat recommendation! I love these lenses very much and if you're looking for a more kind of mature make-up look with eye-catching lenses, these are totally for you~
Don't let the fact I didn't look my best take away from these AWESOME lenses~  And please look forward to me using them a lot in the time coming, I will be flaunting them in many a post ;)

zaterdag 5 april 2014

Two last winter looks to officially start Lady Mori spring!

Before I can move on into spring blogging, I really want to get these last 2 looks from winter out! I've noticed my outfit tag is nearing the 100 posts, so I'm looking forward to it a little and might not wait to have 4 looks or a really super effort-full one before I make an outfit post xD And I might be getting too serious about blogging! This started as a personal blog with some useful's based on personal development so I shouldn't be so scared of posting my pictures I guess..just trying to loosen up a little :) Not just the "useful stuff".. 

This is the first wintery's actually quite spring-like's transitional! And it's what I wore to the little HYPER meetup we did after I came back :)

It doesn't really show but I was a little chubbier then!  But the look is something I was looking forward to wearing for a long time! All the blue, black and white...seems to be my new favourite combination...Though I have some more pink and mint planned for spring too~ 

Jacket: Mixxo
Top: Lilidia
Pants: Shoolarue
Shoes: Van Haren
Neclace F21

This wasn't even that was more a dark look for casual dinner with a friend...But I like it a lot somehow...and it shows the length of my hair and the last picture I have of it being blonde ;D As it's darker now..but for how longgg hmmm, if it washes out before summer I might go for a dark ash next!!

Jacket: Gift from Suuz
Pants: GU
Shoes: Zara, gift from my mom
Bag: 3.3 Field Trip
Scarf: Spinns

That day my friend have me this belated birthday gift!! Slippers from Ted Baker! She really wanted the summer to come I think...But actually the weather has been getting better since then...wondering whether we'll have a rainy summer as punishment for our warm spring :/ as usual...

I went for a walk around town and some cherryblossoms were actually blooming!

I really miss Japan and Kyoto and part of me is trying to find ways to get back and spend more time there of course! I love Japan and I'd love to spend a little while longer ;)
But Amsterdam is beautiful bride I want to spend my life with...donning fragile little broken-white blossoms, draped sexily over her canals and parks.. ah

Let's have a lovely spring