zaterdag 6 december 2014

Three random outfits since August!

Before saying anything else, I want to thank the person who posted me in gyaru valentines last September! I didn't find a good occasion to say thanks but it often popped up in my mind and made me happy :) And let me just say my thanks here now, in case this person reads it :3 Thank you so much! The happiness you gave me lasts until even today!

Now, it's been a while but here is a good old outfit posts! These are looks for random occasions piled up since August! Nowadays I tend to post about an event with the outfits that come with the event, so I don't have material for an outfit post so soon! But I think I have enough now of reasonable quality...

This was from a theatre festival I went in August! The look was inspired by my Lineplay avatar!

Sweater: Retro Girl
Skirt: H&M
Necklace: Paris Kids'
Purse: H&M

The next one is of a housewarming of a friend, as I went in the evening I didn't really have great circumstances to take photos but this more or less shows what it was~ 

Top: Only
Overall: Gallerie
Jacket: Spinns
Shoes: Jane Norman
Belt: Mikazuki Momoko
Choker: Princess Apparel

Rox and I did this cute look together! As you can see we have a matching theme but still look different :) I like how we look and Rox edited the picture for me :)

Rundown (for my side)
Dress: Street Market
Choker: Princess Apparel
Hat: Zeeman

That's it for now! I have lots of things coming up this month so I'm sure looks will be piling up! I am getting ready for an event as we speak ;) I really hope I can find good inspiration for all the plans I have this month :3

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