maandag 15 december 2014

Rox' magical pastel birthday party and Princess Apparel at Satsuki Concert~

Not to always clutter your feed with event posts I combined these two! So it's two events and two blurry outfit shots in this post :) First was the weekend before last, a concert Rox, Dominique and I attended to sell a few things! It was fun for me as it was near my home and for once I didn't have to travel across the country~

My look for the event was black and white, I had planned this with a red cardi but I couldn't find that one so I changed to this houndtooth jacket last minute~

Top: Scamm
Jacket: Zara
Boots: Cafe Moda
Choker: Princess Apparel

It was quite a different setting to promote Princess Apparel! It was a relatively intimate event, the visitors would only come by at the end and the start of the concert, and the venue was kind of cooler than the big convention halls..I had fun even though we didn't get to see as many customers as usual~

I'm going to spam you with the usual cute stuff pictures and some pics of the venue!

The view from the venue outside, and inside the lounge we were situated at :)

It was mostly just a fun opportunity to meet friends :) It was short but sweet and close to home :D


Then last weekend we celebrated Rox' birthday :D The theme was magical pastel and she made lots of sweets! It was fun to see many friends and also people I never met before :)

I only have these kind of sad pictures to give you an idea of my magical pastel look!


 I'll make a rundown just for the heck of it:
Top: Vintage
Skirt: Emily Temple Cute
Cardi: H&M
Harness: Handmade
Flower crown: F21

Rox was wearing this beauuuutiful flower crown she made :O It looked so good on her too~ I tried it on for a bit but it didn't look as good on me~

Let me show you some of her cute decorations and fooooood :D

 (This cake reminds me of Harry Potter's 11th birthday!)

And these are the last, cute gold flakes floating in a drink and my self-decorated cup! It is my head so if I lose my cup people can give it back to me :P It didn't happen though, I didn't lose my cup :)

I'm looking forward to all the upcoming plans for this December :) I kind of lost my inspiration before, but I have some ideas now~!
I hope everyone will be dressing up a lot and post lots of cute coords everywhere ;)

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