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4 sweet looks for holiday celebrations!

Hello my lovelies!
I hope you all enjoyed/survived the holidays so far!
I am having really lovely days, I shook off my worries for a bit and also compared to last year this December feels so warm and nice :) I wish you all the same!

Christmas is only 2 days but I have 4 looks here, how is that? We have two birthdays around Christmas actually, my niece on the 26th and cousin on the 27th, and I dressed up once for a random occasion so I ended up with 4 super sweet looks :) They are super sweet because lots of pink ;)

Shall we just look at them?
This look was for dinner at my grandma's home on Christmas day:

It is cold and I didn't want to look all too dressed up so I combined this kyaba dress with a cropped turtleneck sweater and otk boots! Looking at the pictures I think it isn't flattering in every angle, especially the boots in this..But I was warm and I could wear my dress, that is all I wanted!

Sweater: H&M
Dress: Dazzy Store
Boots: Cafe Moda
Necklace: Forever 21
Floral crown: Handmade

For the occasion let me show you our Christmas tree, it has a natural theme, my mom changed from the fluffy gold cloud tree we had for more than ten years..it is a little sad to see the old theme go but this is charming too! Funfact: I painted the raindeer ornaments to make them look like fawns.

And this is our Christmas morning breakfast! We didn't eat that all but it is cute no?

On boxing day I also had to attend my niece's birthday, on top of family dinner at my aunt's! So I was rushed a little bit but I came up with a surprisingly decent look!

I never meant to look so sweet and pink all the time but it kind of just happened..I did a lighter makeup look with brown liner and no lenses because if I can help it I don't wear lenses three days in a row, it makes my eyes dry~

Sweater: Cinema Club or something? It was from Honey's
Skirt (it is a dress): LizLisa
Boots:Cafe Moda
Choker: Princess Apparel
Necklace: a very dear gift :D
Floral headband: Gift from Jerney
Chain belt: Gift from Juul

So we had another luxurious breakfast and I unwrapped my presents!

Two pairs of vans and sexy jeans! :D bless my dear mom, my old Vans were so worn out that my feet got wet if I walked on the wet streets~ I had my eye on a super cute knit set, but I am kind of poor atm and I prefer having a thing I wear every day than a thing I can wear once or twice before it becomes too much...maybe if I can earn some money in January I can still get that set for myself..

Finally today we had my cousin's sweet 16! The theme was sweet..well I think I have proven that is not really a problem for me ^^;; I thought about doing something ott but I changed my mind, it is not my party and I always wanted to be the classy older cousin for once ^^;;  In the end I went with a pretty simple coord

Unfortunately the lipstick didn't show up much on pictures but actually it was bright pink~

Dress: H&M
Jacket: Passion for Fashion
Necklace; Forever21
Tights: Uniqlo
Shoes: Dune

It was a pretty cool party in a cute venue! The decorations were very sweet and there was a pile of cupcakes, I have a few pictures :) Actually a kind of famous artist also came to perform!
You know when I turned 16 I don't even know what I did.. But I didn't party like those 16 year olds I saw today..and I wasn't that pretty either~

And the last look, just for fun! It's actually from a while back, as you can see there are no decorations yet and it isn't too cold as I have my fall jacket on~

Coat: Imugirls
Blouse: H&M
Shorts: Izumiya
Boots: Cafe Moda
Flower headband: Forever21

So those were my looks up to now! I hope you all had fun dressing up for special occasions this season too :D
I think until next year I will only wear cool styles and dark colours..it's only a few das anyway~

Have a great New Year everyone! And thank you for reading this year too!!!

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