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Sponsored Review: Venus Eyes Nudy Hazel lenses from

Today I am reviewing Venus Eyes Nudy Hazel lenses from Pinkicon
Pinkicon is a Hong Kong based beauty and fashion shop, they have a lot lot lot of cute stuff for you to browse so be sure to go to their page for sure ;)
This is my second review of Pinkicon lenses! For more information on the service, please rever to my last review from Pinkicon, it's a cute review I recommend you check it out ;)

They came in the same cute pack as the lenses from the previous review, and they are separately wrapped in a cute Venus Eyes box!
These are day lenses and they come in a pack like this:

When you purchase these lenses you recieve 20 pieces for 39.73 USD, meaning you can use them 10 times. My pack contains two strips of five lenses, which means I can use these five times! 
As you can see they last until 2017 and you can use them straight from the pack, no soaking in liquid, just directly use them from the pack.

The lenses themselves look like so. I have owned lenses with a similar pattern before but the effect was quite different in fact!

That's how they look in the pack let's see how they look on my eyes!

One in

 Natural light


 Room light

These Nudy lenses are hazel coloured, but they are quite transparent giving my eyes a sort of olive colour where the lens overlaps the blue! Though they are quite enlarging, they blend with the eyes and don't show up as lenses, they just make your eyes cuter in a natural way, pretty much what you want for a mature make-up look actually :)

I think they look super sweet and natural, I would almost go as far as to say it's like a trick, noone will detect the fact you are wearing lenses but somehow people wil be charmed by your eyes ;)
If you are looking for a particular dolly effect, or for a bright eyes effect, onee gyaru like Sayoko Ozaki and Sayaka Araki were doing last year, these don't really give you that, these are for looking naturally cute with a little help!

Not only are they hard to detect by the viewer, but they feel amazing! The lenses are smooth and soft so once they are in, they line your eyes, completely disappear and you won't notice them the rest of the day at all, in that sense I am super super excited about these!

You may wonder why I often post such weird angles with my reviews, but that is to show whether I can get a halo effect or not. In this case yes, the lenses don't have a dark outer ring and they are very transparent so in even the most nuanced of angles these show a halo effect a little~


In my experience, day lenses are incredibly convenient! You don't have to bother with soaking, lens cases, buying liquid and keeping them clean all the time. Not only is it a lot less work but it's just safer! You don't risk putting in lenses that were damaged from the last time you wore them or that have bacterias from your lens case that you didn't rub off...I think if you are the type to only use lenses a couple times a year anyway, this is a cheaper and safer alternative to buying and maintaining year lenses~

So I am very excited by the convenience and safety, I am also excited about the appearance but as they don't really have a strong character this is the verdict for Venus Eyes Nudy Hazel from Pinkicon:

Appearance ★★★☆
Comfort       ★★★★
Service        ★★★★

I would recommend these to girls that want a cute and natural look, maybe girls my age that don't take a personal interest in gyaru fashion but that want to do a little extra cosmetics, and SUPER SUPER recommend to people concerned about the safety of circle lenses!

However, if you decide to purchase year lenses I am able to provide you with this discount code for 5USD off on your next purchase.
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