zondag 23 november 2014

Princess Apparel and Osharecon at Nishicon, and an announcement regarding Osharcon!

The weekend before last I had the pleasure to accompany Rox and Dominique once again with the Princess Apparel and Osharecon stands at Nishicon in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands!

Most unfortunately I forgot my camera and I don't have a proper smartphone :o (The phone I have is pretty much busted too so yeah) I ended up taking pictures by ipad!
The event was fun and Rox and I were invited to participate in a fashionshow there too so we had enough to do :)

During this event we didn't have as many visitors to the Osharecon booth, but we had fun with the props ourselves :P

We have been promoting Osharecon mostly to J-fashion lovers in the Netherlands so far but we have heard voices from people abroad that were interested in the event too!
Therefore I would like to announce to those of you from abroad that might attend the event, that we are still looking for people that would like to participate in the gyaru fashionshow! Rox and I are the ones in charge of the gyaru fashion show and you can find more information and how to apply through here. 
We also have a lolita team you can find out more about the lolita fashion show here.
Please click "ENG" for the info in English :)
For other fashion styles we haven't yet arranged teams to manage the show or entries, but you could always follow Osharecon on FB to stay updated on any developments there!

Let me spam you with a few cute pictures of the Princess Apparel booth! (If you follow me on Tumblr I have already been spamming you quite a lot but there are still new ones so just scroll on..scroll on u_u)

(look at the adorable devil and angel headbands! Those are sooo cute :D)

(My favourite bow necklaces)

And no outfits only selfies :o Using an ipad for outfit shots is incredibly difficult but as the looks weren't super hard to make or anything it's ok :)

This is day one, my theme was the opposite of Rox, fluffy and beige, and for the fashionshow I tried to be like a lion with leopard ears on~!

This is day two...I was just tired of wearing a wig on my head, and I just wanted to wear a warm fluffy sweater :3


So because I did more laid back looks I have some more complicated plans for upcoming parties and events :) I'm just not sure where my style is headed, I used to have such a clear idea of what I liked but now I like so many different things! But I guess I'll find out, in time?

 And because my new favourite thing is making collages, here is one of the Nishicon weekend!!

Thank you for reading babies :D stay healthy and keep warm!

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