zondag 23 november 2014

Princess Apparel and Osharecon at Nishicon, and an announcement regarding Osharcon!

The weekend before last I had the pleasure to accompany Rox and Dominique once again with the Princess Apparel and Osharecon stands at Nishicon in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands!

Most unfortunately I forgot my camera and I don't have a proper smartphone :o (The phone I have is pretty much busted too so yeah) I ended up taking pictures by ipad!
The event was fun and Rox and I were invited to participate in a fashionshow there too so we had enough to do :)

During this event we didn't have as many visitors to the Osharecon booth, but we had fun with the props ourselves :P

We have been promoting Osharecon mostly to J-fashion lovers in the Netherlands so far but we have heard voices from people abroad that were interested in the event too!
Therefore I would like to announce to those of you from abroad that might attend the event, that we are still looking for people that would like to participate in the gyaru fashionshow! Rox and I are the ones in charge of the gyaru fashion show and you can find more information and how to apply through here. 
We also have a lolita team you can find out more about the lolita fashion show here.
Please click "ENG" for the info in English :)
For other fashion styles we haven't yet arranged teams to manage the show or entries, but you could always follow Osharecon on FB to stay updated on any developments there!

Let me spam you with a few cute pictures of the Princess Apparel booth! (If you follow me on Tumblr I have already been spamming you quite a lot but there are still new ones so just scroll on..scroll on u_u)

(look at the adorable devil and angel headbands! Those are sooo cute :D)

(My favourite bow necklaces)

And no outfits only selfies :o Using an ipad for outfit shots is incredibly difficult but as the looks weren't super hard to make or anything it's ok :)

This is day one, my theme was the opposite of Rox, fluffy and beige, and for the fashionshow I tried to be like a lion with leopard ears on~!

This is day two...I was just tired of wearing a wig on my head, and I just wanted to wear a warm fluffy sweater :3


So because I did more laid back looks I have some more complicated plans for upcoming parties and events :) I'm just not sure where my style is headed, I used to have such a clear idea of what I liked but now I like so many different things! But I guess I'll find out, in time?

 And because my new favourite thing is making collages, here is one of the Nishicon weekend!!

Thank you for reading babies :D stay healthy and keep warm!

maandag 10 november 2014

Sponsored Review: Venus Eyes Nudy Hazel lenses from Pinkicon.com

Today I am reviewing Venus Eyes Nudy Hazel lenses from Pinkicon
Pinkicon is a Hong Kong based beauty and fashion shop, they have a lot lot lot of cute stuff for you to browse so be sure to go to their page for sure ;)
This is my second review of Pinkicon lenses! For more information on the service, please rever to my last review from Pinkicon, it's a cute review I recommend you check it out ;)

They came in the same cute pack as the lenses from the previous review, and they are separately wrapped in a cute Venus Eyes box!
These are day lenses and they come in a pack like this:

When you purchase these lenses you recieve 20 pieces for 39.73 USD, meaning you can use them 10 times. My pack contains two strips of five lenses, which means I can use these five times! 
As you can see they last until 2017 and you can use them straight from the pack, no soaking in liquid, just directly use them from the pack.

The lenses themselves look like so. I have owned lenses with a similar pattern before but the effect was quite different in fact!

That's how they look in the pack let's see how they look on my eyes!

One in

 Natural light


 Room light

These Nudy lenses are hazel coloured, but they are quite transparent giving my eyes a sort of olive colour where the lens overlaps the blue! Though they are quite enlarging, they blend with the eyes and don't show up as lenses, they just make your eyes cuter in a natural way, pretty much what you want for a mature make-up look actually :)

I think they look super sweet and natural, I would almost go as far as to say it's like a trick, noone will detect the fact you are wearing lenses but somehow people wil be charmed by your eyes ;)
If you are looking for a particular dolly effect, or for a bright eyes effect, onee gyaru like Sayoko Ozaki and Sayaka Araki were doing last year, these don't really give you that, these are for looking naturally cute with a little help!

Not only are they hard to detect by the viewer, but they feel amazing! The lenses are smooth and soft so once they are in, they line your eyes, completely disappear and you won't notice them the rest of the day at all, in that sense I am super super excited about these!

You may wonder why I often post such weird angles with my reviews, but that is to show whether I can get a halo effect or not. In this case yes, the lenses don't have a dark outer ring and they are very transparent so in even the most nuanced of angles these show a halo effect a little~


In my experience, day lenses are incredibly convenient! You don't have to bother with soaking, lens cases, buying liquid and keeping them clean all the time. Not only is it a lot less work but it's just safer! You don't risk putting in lenses that were damaged from the last time you wore them or that have bacterias from your lens case that you didn't rub off...I think if you are the type to only use lenses a couple times a year anyway, this is a cheaper and safer alternative to buying and maintaining year lenses~

So I am very excited by the convenience and safety, I am also excited about the appearance but as they don't really have a strong character this is the verdict for Venus Eyes Nudy Hazel from Pinkicon:

Appearance ★★★☆
Comfort       ★★★★
Service        ★★★★

I would recommend these to girls that want a cute and natural look, maybe girls my age that don't take a personal interest in gyaru fashion but that want to do a little extra cosmetics, and SUPER SUPER recommend to people concerned about the safety of circle lenses!

However, if you decide to purchase year lenses I am able to provide you with this discount code for 5USD off on your next purchase.
Code A24680000 for 5USD off on your purchase of year lenses on en.pinkicon.com

maandag 3 november 2014

My master graduation party and party look!

Last week was finally the week of my master graduation ceremony! I met all the requirements and submitted everything before August but for some reason we graduate in fall~ Which gave me extra time to plan my look and get excited for it. Get prepared for lots of pics but also lots of text (and a bit of bragging), if you are interested ;) 

So I planned my look way ahead of time actually and I spent time browsing dresses during my breaks! I thought up the whole graduation party, balloons, flowers, macarons and champagne everything! I planned it so far ahead I already got sick of my party long before it was supposed to happen.. I felt like keeping it small but now that it's over I am suuuuper happy I did it anyway!! I really don't feel like being all cool and academic right now I just wanna induldge!
 So enough of the talking, let's just see it then!!!

I got the idea for these white pink and orangy flowers from all the cute Rady stuff I was checking in summer, I was super happy to go to the store and get a bouquet of these and just see how they really look! I love them sooo much!

My family members that came also brought me many lovely flowers and I got the cutest gifts from my brother and his wife, and their kids made drawings on the giftwrap :D Which is very sweet!
When you celebrate with everyone you get pats on your shoulder like "you did a good job", and I normaly deny myself that kind of gratification but if everyone is so supportive and sweet, they gave me the chance to look back and say "wow I really did do something good!" And I am super grateful for that, because it gives me an amazing feeling that I am allowed to really be proud of my accomplishments :3

In this picture you can see my balloons! We had another set of balloons in which the purple balloon was a little lighter!  I was so sad the next day the balloons had already fallen on the ground pretty much, but it was super fun for a day! I love balloons a lot :) 
On the left behind the glasses and plates you can see a golden paper with some photos on it, I printed some photos of my year in Japan and arranged them around the house according to season. I explained some of it to my family members (not the close ones as they already know but a little more far off family), and showed them for example who my friends were, what my home looked like and just what Kyoto is like really!


These are the macarons, cake and champagne! I was kind of busy as I hosted the party so sadly I don't have cute pics of the cake and champagne but I can tell you the cake was amazing! The macarons and cake came from patisserie Tout in Amsterdam. Their cakes and macarons both just have flavours exploding in your mouth and they aren't stuffy and sweet but refreshing and great for champagne ah....you guys I am so excited about this fooood...


I wanted pictures with my champagne ò.ó because I just thought it matched my look so well~ This is the champagne I request at special occasions that concern me, because I like the taste of it, it's a liiiittle sweet and it is pink so I can totally tolerate this.. This is going to be my last special occasion in a long while, so I wanted a picture! 

The rest here is just outfit and head shots :D I know you've already seen all I was wearing but because I looked forward to this look so much I have tons of photos! And I will milk this moment like never before, I am all chat you have no idea~ But let's start with a full body:

Now I remember how big mori hair made my head look..but still cute! The dress is from Dazzy Store, it's kind of in the style of Rady, but it's actually a hostess dress and the most forgiving Japanese piece of clothing I ever owned! My boobs are totally fine in here~
Let's look at my big head and my big old fashioned hair next :3

I now remember how my hair covers most of my neck :o It's a little easier to see in full-body shots but I got a special gift from Rox for my graduation! Because I had told her about my outfit she gave me one of my favourite Princess Apparel bows :3 I hope I can find an occasion to wear this dress again with maybe a jacket and more smooth hair, in that case you can see how amazing this bow matched my dress :D

I don't have layers in my hair, but I made a little bump on the middle of my head with a cute pony tail in an orange butterfly clip on the back of my head! I can't seem to decide whether this bump hairstyle is super 2007 or actually very recent...But I drew my inspiration from the hostess-spreads in a few of the last Koakuma Ageha's from last winter~ I did try to get a bit of a sujimori in this and I poked some ratty old extensions in to keep my own curls from going too flat~ The point was to have mori but not too huge and a little modest and mature...But let's be honest it came out big and a tad OTT~ That's my hair for you, it only really works in the biggest fluffiest looks I'm afraid~

Now for the whole other side of my body...my feet! Beware of creepy feet ahead ;)


I've wanted shoes like this since I was still in high school!!! But I have slightly larger feet and finding cute shoes in Japan is hard for me, especially if it's heels :o The original Pleaser rose platforms do come in my size but I don't have money to pay for those and to be honest I find the Japanese ones more playfull and less erotic~ Luckily Dazzy Store offers these shoes up to size LL which is my size more or less ^^;; The straps are optional, and you can wrap them around your feet in several ways, I think I picked the least flattering way, according to what the pictures look like..but still good :D I just felt amazing to finally have these gorgeous shoes, when will I ever wear them again? I have no idea but I just love them!!

Last summer I purchased some props, a mini-graduation hat, and a sash that sais "graduated". In here we don't wear such hats at graduation. A similar hat is used to indicate (only) professors at official ceremonies (not like graduation ceremonies only very formal occasions), I am no professor but..


That's my degree, with the latin side in front! I had a close up but I felt uncomfortable with my name being all over the thing~ It sais the Faculty of Humanities grants me the degree of Master of Arts in the specialization Asian Studies..something like that. For those interested, my dissertation was about the realities of working mothers in Japan, I can't say I did a great job but good enough I suppose~

I have a few more pictures~

These items were probably meant for high school kids that graduate in summer but I wanted them anyway because I want to feel like a very graduated person! Please don't mind all the weird angles of my hat and the little string thingy, it was poking my eye ;~;

Dress: Dazzy Store
Shoes: Dazzy Store
Necklace: Princess Apparel
Ring: Princess Apparel
Flower Barette: Lattice
Hat and sash props: Xenos

Thank you if you've read this far! For me it was a really meaningful celebration, after a lot of struggle to get my research done ok and in time, I kind of didn't see the point of my efforts. I actually came out feeling more worthless than I did before I started this master~ But I am surrounded by supportive and sweet people that celebrated with me, and just taking one night to remember my efforts over the past 2 years, actually my whole educational trajectory since I was a kid, really helped me to close off this phase of my life. It's hard to start over, looking for work and whatever kind of work that may be, life is full of uncertainties, but I will try to recognise everything I got from my education as assets to me as a person and take only those positive feelings into the next phase!