maandag 20 oktober 2014

Sponsored Review: Tiara ring, Love Necklace, Partners in Crime set from BornPrettyStore

Born Pretty Store Jewelry & Accessories has sent me these cute items for review! It was actually sent a while back but I've been doing everything and nothing, so I'm reviewing them now. 

If you're interested please check out my previous review for Born Pretty Store Jewelry & Accessories! I know most of you know Born Pretty Store for their cosmetics but they have adorable accessories for competitive prices :) I think it's totall worth checking out!

Again, the items were delivered in the mail very quick! And communication with the representative went smooth and she is very friendly!

On to the items!

They are all delicate and cute items :) Let me start with the Love necklace and the ring!

I love the look of this ring, it's so elegant and majestic, and has a high class taste for the price of pocket change basically! I think this ring is a cute little detail, I have kind of thick hands but it must be sooo cute on a girl that can wear it on her ring finger too!


I picked the font necklace because I think font detail is a trend thing~ The font is delicate and cute and there is a pearl in the O and a rhinestone dangling below the E. The color is a soft gold, it's suuuper cute! 

Then there is the thing Rox and I wanted for a while already! The partners in crime necklaces :D
I love the style on these, they aren't as delicate as the other items but bolder, the gold is brighter, and it has a little old look with the font and the way it was darkened~ This is a pic from my birthday where we both wear it :)

For a friendship necklace I love the witty text and the not too cheesy way it looks~ I like it a lot and I think this is wearable even for 20+ girls like us ;P

I am very happy with the items, the classy necklace and ring give cute detail to even the simplest of outfits, and the heart necklaces are a great gift for your best friend :)

I hope you enjoyed my review! Please see my previous review of Born Pretty Store and visit their webpage too!

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