donderdag 30 oktober 2014

Sponsored Review: GEO Honey Violet lenses from Pinkicon

Today I am reviewing GEO Honey Violet lenses from!
Have you guys heard of Pinkicon before? This is the first time I have heard of them myself :) so I am excited to review their products and service!

Pinkicon is a Hong Kong based store with a large choice of circle lenses but also other fashion and beauty related goods! Like lashes wigs and other items! So pinkicon is your one-stop fashion and beauty shop~! And I am very excited to introduce them to you! I have two pairs of lenses for review so I am starting with one now and I will review the other pair later :)

Communication with the representative went quick and professionally, and the items arrived to me within 3 weeks in this cute package!

Their address sticker is cute and the bubble pack has a cute pearly shine :3 
But more importantly the contents!

GEO lenses and a pack of Venus Eyes lenses which I will review for you next week :)
A lens case and a care booklet, a cute flyer about popular lenses on Pinkicon and a business card that is also functional as a card to keep the dates of your lenses on! I find that very useful :)

 You can write down the name, the prescription if you have one and the expiry date of your lenses! I think this is smart and a very thoughtful gesture!

This is also a very cute instruction guide on lenses, how to care for your lenses properly and how to put them in. Did you know you can see whether your lens is inside-out by seeing whether the edge flares outward or not? I didn't know!

This is a cute flyer that speaks for itself~ I just like it ;)

As for the lenses, the ones I am reviewing today are these Honey Violet lenses that sell for pretty competitive prices at Pinkicon! Only 14.40 USD :o

The lenses came in extra protected in a separate bubble wrap inside the bubble pack, and they have the GEO seal on them.
Let's see them in!

One in

Natural light


Room light

They are surprisingly enlarging for 14.2 mm lenses! Because the outer ring is dark purple and not black the lenses have enough purple surface to show purple even on light eyes. However for me there was no halo effect as the dark ring is wide and the lenses aren't that large. These lenses look best in daylight, they become a little dark in other settings.

The lenses are easy to put in and completely comfortable, as they aren't super huge they are fine to wear for a day without a dry feeling or any weird feeling you might have when taking out larger lenses (Or is that just me?)

 (As you can see, a little dark if no daylight)

I finally had a good use for my "eggplant eyeshadow palette" Remember that one? The plum shades go well with the purple lenses! I've also used MAC Kitschmass pigments I got from my friend Jerney a few years back, I can't believe I finally have a good use for these products!
I think in summer these lenses will go well with fresh colours like green and blue too, purple can do more for you than you knew, if you have the chance I do recommend violet lenses to anyone that wants to try something new :)

So judgement for Honey Violet lenses from Pinkicon

Appearance  ★★★★
Comfort       ★★★★
Service         ★★★★

With flying colours~ And I am lucky enough to be able to provide you with a coupon code! Please use coupon code A24680000 to get 5 USD off of your purchase of yearly circle lenses!

I will review the other beautiful lenses I got for you next week! I am very excited about Pinkicon and I spent a lot of time checking out their page so I really recommend them!!

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