maandag 6 oktober 2014

Saturday at tomofair with Princess Apparel and Oshare con!!

Last Saturday I had the priveledge to help out Rox again at the Princess Apparel stand, and also accompany Rox and Dominique at the Oshare con stand!

I haven't formaly introduced Oshare con to you yet! Oshare con is a new Japan-related event in the Netherlands, it's a convention focussed primarily on Japanese fashion! I would like to refer to the Oshare con website and facebook page for you guys to get more information from, please like the page to get fun updates!!!

So this weekend's event was Tomofair, as the name of the event suggests it was like a fair, a kind of market, with lots of stalls selling Japan-related items from anime figures to cute accessories to Japanese snacks to art and bonsai trees! There were some other activities at the event like karaoke and lectures!

Dominique, Rox and I manned the three stands that were lined up next to eachother for Kawaii Deluxe, Oshare con and Princess Apparel! I spent a large part of the day in front of the Oshare con stand chatting with visitors!

The objective was to warm people up to Oshare con, and we had a cool banner for the people to take pictures in front of with cool accessories and stuff we brought, you can check out the pictures on the Oshare con facebook page!

We also handed out cute flyers :D I am so happy to see the banner and the flyers because it feels like Oshare con is really materialising!

We also had candy and we eventually got flyers of the live act that will be performing at the event :D

 I had a really fun time introducing the event to the people! I hope there will be people that will come to Oshare con because they talked to me at Tomofair last weekend :3 that would be so cool!

Don't forget to check out Oshare con's official website, and Oshare con on Facebook! Because Alpacaseñor sais so!

I also helped out at the Princess Apparel stand for a while, which was also very fun! Because I love helping Rox and also because the customers are so sweet!

Here is the Princess Apparel stand with the new banner!

Let me show you a few of the new items Rox made :D There are some very cute new items :)

Don't you love the huge bows? I think they're amazing :o As usual playing shop staff at a cute stand full of pink stuff makes me feel very happy and positive :D It was good to spend time with friends and talk to a wide variety of people, because I'm a little lonely lately and I don't get out much, I charged up on human contact for a while!!

Please check out the Princess Apparel website to see the new items as they appear online, in fact the website has been renewed so just go there for fun ;) And follow Princess Apparel on Facebook to get cute pictures and updates on your feed!

I got up super early that day so I don't have good full body shots, just one I took when I planned the look, and a picture taken at the booth during the event, I cut off the other person because I'd rather be able to ask her whether I can use it before I actually put it here ^^;; so yeah just~


Dress: Primark
Tights: Zeeman
Shoes: Attagirl
Choker: Princess Apparel
Ring: Gift from my lovely
Flower crown: Handmade

I was pretty happy with this look, the colors all went together well, it was comfortable and mature but still cute, I cut the bangs on my wig short which makes me want to have bangs again ^^;; yeah I was pretty happy with this!!
I have some looks from other occasions I still want to share with you but I have to catch up with some topics first, just keep checking back ;)

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