maandag 27 oktober 2014

Many birthday celebrations!

So, this is way overdue but, it was my birthday more than a month ago! I got a year older than last year, who could've guessed? I had several celebrations :) things didn't always go according to plan but it was a good one! I had fun~

The first celebration was the family party, in this case not so many people turned up..I didn't really feel like celebrating anyway but it's still a bit weird if you cook for 20 and you end up with 8...we had dinner leftovers for the rest of the week ;)
As I wasn't in the mood, I also didn't dress up and there are no pictures of my look~ but the cakes we took pictures of! I am not good at kitchen stuff but we made two pretty cute cakes this year :) They have a lot of flaws but that's what makes them cute to me :3 let me just show you! 

Hihihi we really failed at the marzipan ^^;;

It was a pretty good relaxing party with my family, I'll have my second chance at my graduation party the end of the month ;)

The next occasion was my actual birthday and dinner with mom! I still didn't really feel like dressing up but I did a little, this was the look in the end~

It's kind of dressy isn't it? I just wanted something else.

The next party was my friends party :D Rox, Esterbel and Dominique came to Amsterdam to hang out :D we had high tea...I didn't really take a lot of pictures but I have some!

Aren't we cute? It was actually a great day for me! Rox brought crowns to make it extra festive! I am really happy you guys came over, I had so much fun and I feel like yay! You guys made it great for me :3

This was my look for the party, kind of improvised..I don't have a lot of inspiration lately.. But I try :)

The final party was this one with my friend, we went for korean BBQ at Miss Korea in Amsterdam! Nothing beats some good Korean :) omg..

My look for the occasion

I got a lot of gifts this year too! Of course my family gave me money or giftcards, but my friends were super creative and smart with their gifts!

Rox gave me a bunch of Princess Apparel things I was suuuuper happy with :D the red choker was just what I needed, and the lilac one was made especially for me!

Jerney went to extreme lengths as usual to get the cutest items.

 And Estherbel really kept my style in mind, which was really sweet! I still feel so birthday ish! Wow :)

I got lovely items from people close to me too, but I am keeping them to myself right now :3

I will be showing you cute pictures wearing all my gifts soon! I just need to make an outfit post again soon as the outfits are slowly but surely piling up xD
But next up is a review I think :3 I will try to keep better track of my updates~

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