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Catalogue Picks for Fall: Tiny Bonus!

Hey guys here is the tiny little bonus to catalogue picks! I actually wrote this before but I lost the concept and I am starting over ^^;; grrrr blogger...

Well, it's hardly catalogue picks anymore but...this one is about make-up trends!! Nowadays we lost a lot of our sources for make-up inspiration and I love looking at shop shaff for that, so I would like to look into the make trends from two of my favourite shops' staff!

Starting with a part that actually came from a catalogue ;) Rienda's make-up suggestions, with uninspired and inaccurate naming~ 

Dramatic, really?

I don't know the details on this and I'm sorry, I didn't actually do my research...but looks like Rienda is doing it with Rimmel! You know Rimmel London? I'm not sure whether it sells everywhere in the world but it's one of the biggest drugstore make-up brands in the Netherlands, so I'm guessing it's pretty widespread~

The two use a lot of similar products (Just different filters :x), but the pink section of this tutorial represents the cooler shades we're seeing, with a traditional nude-ish lip for gal style. This look still uses eyeshadow to manipulate the eye's apparent shape. In contrast to the red, warm, romantic 40's ish look. The staff in the red section has generally a more welcoming eyebrow, but this goes with a far less heavy eye look~
I don't think a lot has changed from last year, unless maybe if you'd like to say it became a little more natural, maybe it did.. The point is the colors, we've been seeing a rise in red lips but the cool-ness of the pink option kind of stuck with me as I've seen it before..


Namely in Rady staff's A/W make-up! Those of you who follow me on Tumblr have maybe seen my translation of an eyemake tutorial by Rady staff Hyeonjeong last summer, the Rady staff have some prescribed products they uniformly adapt in their make-up, those were for example the 'All That Glitters' eyeshadow, and 'Candy YumYum' lipstick by Mac.

This season they abandoned the pink lip :( I loved the pink lip and I was excited to follow their makeup style, I considered investing in the items, but I don't think the new red lip does specificly much more for me.. The light red is pretty similar to the red from Rienda girls above! It's MAC 'Ladybug' lipstick. So if you're into that :) or a cheaper Rimmel alternative

They moved to a very cool palette on the eyes, it's actually black and blue, with the Jill Stuart 102 'Midnight Feline' eyeshadow. Though blue is a cute color for eyeshadow, I don't feel it's as easy to use when trying to open the eyes up a little more or otherwise manipulate the shape..Fair enough they attempt a gradient with the black and the blue, the result? Well I would like to refer you to the staff blog about this! Because the look is not featured in the catalogue :o
Rady Staff HyeonJeong's A/W Make
Rady staff Maki's A/W Make


It was really just a short observation on fall make ^^
My opinion is, I would rather stick with warm tones, I've been seeing lovely purple-ish tones in stores here and I'm excited about that! On the eyes I still love copper and gold, I don't see myself changing that this year.. 
Let me know what you've seen around, and what style of make-up you like for the season :)

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