donderdag 30 oktober 2014

Sponsored Review: GEO Honey Violet lenses from Pinkicon

Today I am reviewing GEO Honey Violet lenses from!
Have you guys heard of Pinkicon before? This is the first time I have heard of them myself :) so I am excited to review their products and service!

Pinkicon is a Hong Kong based store with a large choice of circle lenses but also other fashion and beauty related goods! Like lashes wigs and other items! So pinkicon is your one-stop fashion and beauty shop~! And I am very excited to introduce them to you! I have two pairs of lenses for review so I am starting with one now and I will review the other pair later :)

Communication with the representative went quick and professionally, and the items arrived to me within 3 weeks in this cute package!

Their address sticker is cute and the bubble pack has a cute pearly shine :3 
But more importantly the contents!

GEO lenses and a pack of Venus Eyes lenses which I will review for you next week :)
A lens case and a care booklet, a cute flyer about popular lenses on Pinkicon and a business card that is also functional as a card to keep the dates of your lenses on! I find that very useful :)

 You can write down the name, the prescription if you have one and the expiry date of your lenses! I think this is smart and a very thoughtful gesture!

This is also a very cute instruction guide on lenses, how to care for your lenses properly and how to put them in. Did you know you can see whether your lens is inside-out by seeing whether the edge flares outward or not? I didn't know!

This is a cute flyer that speaks for itself~ I just like it ;)

As for the lenses, the ones I am reviewing today are these Honey Violet lenses that sell for pretty competitive prices at Pinkicon! Only 14.40 USD :o

The lenses came in extra protected in a separate bubble wrap inside the bubble pack, and they have the GEO seal on them.
Let's see them in!

One in

Natural light


Room light

They are surprisingly enlarging for 14.2 mm lenses! Because the outer ring is dark purple and not black the lenses have enough purple surface to show purple even on light eyes. However for me there was no halo effect as the dark ring is wide and the lenses aren't that large. These lenses look best in daylight, they become a little dark in other settings.

The lenses are easy to put in and completely comfortable, as they aren't super huge they are fine to wear for a day without a dry feeling or any weird feeling you might have when taking out larger lenses (Or is that just me?)

 (As you can see, a little dark if no daylight)

I finally had a good use for my "eggplant eyeshadow palette" Remember that one? The plum shades go well with the purple lenses! I've also used MAC Kitschmass pigments I got from my friend Jerney a few years back, I can't believe I finally have a good use for these products!
I think in summer these lenses will go well with fresh colours like green and blue too, purple can do more for you than you knew, if you have the chance I do recommend violet lenses to anyone that wants to try something new :)

So judgement for Honey Violet lenses from Pinkicon

Appearance  ★★★★
Comfort       ★★★★
Service         ★★★★

With flying colours~ And I am lucky enough to be able to provide you with a coupon code! Please use coupon code A24680000 to get 5 USD off of your purchase of yearly circle lenses!

I will review the other beautiful lenses I got for you next week! I am very excited about Pinkicon and I spent a lot of time checking out their page so I really recommend them!!

maandag 27 oktober 2014

Many birthday celebrations!

So, this is way overdue but, it was my birthday more than a month ago! I got a year older than last year, who could've guessed? I had several celebrations :) things didn't always go according to plan but it was a good one! I had fun~

The first celebration was the family party, in this case not so many people turned up..I didn't really feel like celebrating anyway but it's still a bit weird if you cook for 20 and you end up with 8...we had dinner leftovers for the rest of the week ;)
As I wasn't in the mood, I also didn't dress up and there are no pictures of my look~ but the cakes we took pictures of! I am not good at kitchen stuff but we made two pretty cute cakes this year :) They have a lot of flaws but that's what makes them cute to me :3 let me just show you! 

Hihihi we really failed at the marzipan ^^;;

It was a pretty good relaxing party with my family, I'll have my second chance at my graduation party the end of the month ;)

The next occasion was my actual birthday and dinner with mom! I still didn't really feel like dressing up but I did a little, this was the look in the end~

It's kind of dressy isn't it? I just wanted something else.

The next party was my friends party :D Rox, Esterbel and Dominique came to Amsterdam to hang out :D we had high tea...I didn't really take a lot of pictures but I have some!

Aren't we cute? It was actually a great day for me! Rox brought crowns to make it extra festive! I am really happy you guys came over, I had so much fun and I feel like yay! You guys made it great for me :3

This was my look for the party, kind of improvised..I don't have a lot of inspiration lately.. But I try :)

The final party was this one with my friend, we went for korean BBQ at Miss Korea in Amsterdam! Nothing beats some good Korean :) omg..

My look for the occasion

I got a lot of gifts this year too! Of course my family gave me money or giftcards, but my friends were super creative and smart with their gifts!

Rox gave me a bunch of Princess Apparel things I was suuuuper happy with :D the red choker was just what I needed, and the lilac one was made especially for me!

Jerney went to extreme lengths as usual to get the cutest items.

 And Estherbel really kept my style in mind, which was really sweet! I still feel so birthday ish! Wow :)

I got lovely items from people close to me too, but I am keeping them to myself right now :3

I will be showing you cute pictures wearing all my gifts soon! I just need to make an outfit post again soon as the outfits are slowly but surely piling up xD
But next up is a review I think :3 I will try to keep better track of my updates~

maandag 20 oktober 2014

Sponsored Review: Tiara ring, Love Necklace, Partners in Crime set from BornPrettyStore

Born Pretty Store Jewelry & Accessories has sent me these cute items for review! It was actually sent a while back but I've been doing everything and nothing, so I'm reviewing them now. 

If you're interested please check out my previous review for Born Pretty Store Jewelry & Accessories! I know most of you know Born Pretty Store for their cosmetics but they have adorable accessories for competitive prices :) I think it's totall worth checking out!

Again, the items were delivered in the mail very quick! And communication with the representative went smooth and she is very friendly!

On to the items!

They are all delicate and cute items :) Let me start with the Love necklace and the ring!

I love the look of this ring, it's so elegant and majestic, and has a high class taste for the price of pocket change basically! I think this ring is a cute little detail, I have kind of thick hands but it must be sooo cute on a girl that can wear it on her ring finger too!


I picked the font necklace because I think font detail is a trend thing~ The font is delicate and cute and there is a pearl in the O and a rhinestone dangling below the E. The color is a soft gold, it's suuuper cute! 

Then there is the thing Rox and I wanted for a while already! The partners in crime necklaces :D
I love the style on these, they aren't as delicate as the other items but bolder, the gold is brighter, and it has a little old look with the font and the way it was darkened~ This is a pic from my birthday where we both wear it :)

For a friendship necklace I love the witty text and the not too cheesy way it looks~ I like it a lot and I think this is wearable even for 20+ girls like us ;P

I am very happy with the items, the classy necklace and ring give cute detail to even the simplest of outfits, and the heart necklaces are a great gift for your best friend :)

I hope you enjoyed my review! Please see my previous review of Born Pretty Store and visit their webpage too!

Enter code LOTT10 for 10% off at your next purchase from Born Pretty Store!!!

maandag 13 oktober 2014

Catalogue Picks for Fall: Tiny Bonus!

Hey guys here is the tiny little bonus to catalogue picks! I actually wrote this before but I lost the concept and I am starting over ^^;; grrrr blogger...

Well, it's hardly catalogue picks anymore but...this one is about make-up trends!! Nowadays we lost a lot of our sources for make-up inspiration and I love looking at shop shaff for that, so I would like to look into the make trends from two of my favourite shops' staff!

Starting with a part that actually came from a catalogue ;) Rienda's make-up suggestions, with uninspired and inaccurate naming~ 

Dramatic, really?

I don't know the details on this and I'm sorry, I didn't actually do my research...but looks like Rienda is doing it with Rimmel! You know Rimmel London? I'm not sure whether it sells everywhere in the world but it's one of the biggest drugstore make-up brands in the Netherlands, so I'm guessing it's pretty widespread~

The two use a lot of similar products (Just different filters :x), but the pink section of this tutorial represents the cooler shades we're seeing, with a traditional nude-ish lip for gal style. This look still uses eyeshadow to manipulate the eye's apparent shape. In contrast to the red, warm, romantic 40's ish look. The staff in the red section has generally a more welcoming eyebrow, but this goes with a far less heavy eye look~
I don't think a lot has changed from last year, unless maybe if you'd like to say it became a little more natural, maybe it did.. The point is the colors, we've been seeing a rise in red lips but the cool-ness of the pink option kind of stuck with me as I've seen it before..


Namely in Rady staff's A/W make-up! Those of you who follow me on Tumblr have maybe seen my translation of an eyemake tutorial by Rady staff Hyeonjeong last summer, the Rady staff have some prescribed products they uniformly adapt in their make-up, those were for example the 'All That Glitters' eyeshadow, and 'Candy YumYum' lipstick by Mac.

This season they abandoned the pink lip :( I loved the pink lip and I was excited to follow their makeup style, I considered investing in the items, but I don't think the new red lip does specificly much more for me.. The light red is pretty similar to the red from Rienda girls above! It's MAC 'Ladybug' lipstick. So if you're into that :) or a cheaper Rimmel alternative

They moved to a very cool palette on the eyes, it's actually black and blue, with the Jill Stuart 102 'Midnight Feline' eyeshadow. Though blue is a cute color for eyeshadow, I don't feel it's as easy to use when trying to open the eyes up a little more or otherwise manipulate the shape..Fair enough they attempt a gradient with the black and the blue, the result? Well I would like to refer you to the staff blog about this! Because the look is not featured in the catalogue :o
Rady Staff HyeonJeong's A/W Make
Rady staff Maki's A/W Make


It was really just a short observation on fall make ^^
My opinion is, I would rather stick with warm tones, I've been seeing lovely purple-ish tones in stores here and I'm excited about that! On the eyes I still love copper and gold, I don't see myself changing that this year.. 
Let me know what you've seen around, and what style of make-up you like for the season :)

maandag 6 oktober 2014

Saturday at tomofair with Princess Apparel and Oshare con!!

Last Saturday I had the priveledge to help out Rox again at the Princess Apparel stand, and also accompany Rox and Dominique at the Oshare con stand!

I haven't formaly introduced Oshare con to you yet! Oshare con is a new Japan-related event in the Netherlands, it's a convention focussed primarily on Japanese fashion! I would like to refer to the Oshare con website and facebook page for you guys to get more information from, please like the page to get fun updates!!!

So this weekend's event was Tomofair, as the name of the event suggests it was like a fair, a kind of market, with lots of stalls selling Japan-related items from anime figures to cute accessories to Japanese snacks to art and bonsai trees! There were some other activities at the event like karaoke and lectures!

Dominique, Rox and I manned the three stands that were lined up next to eachother for Kawaii Deluxe, Oshare con and Princess Apparel! I spent a large part of the day in front of the Oshare con stand chatting with visitors!

The objective was to warm people up to Oshare con, and we had a cool banner for the people to take pictures in front of with cool accessories and stuff we brought, you can check out the pictures on the Oshare con facebook page!

We also handed out cute flyers :D I am so happy to see the banner and the flyers because it feels like Oshare con is really materialising!

We also had candy and we eventually got flyers of the live act that will be performing at the event :D

 I had a really fun time introducing the event to the people! I hope there will be people that will come to Oshare con because they talked to me at Tomofair last weekend :3 that would be so cool!

Don't forget to check out Oshare con's official website, and Oshare con on Facebook! Because Alpacaseñor sais so!

I also helped out at the Princess Apparel stand for a while, which was also very fun! Because I love helping Rox and also because the customers are so sweet!

Here is the Princess Apparel stand with the new banner!

Let me show you a few of the new items Rox made :D There are some very cute new items :)

Don't you love the huge bows? I think they're amazing :o As usual playing shop staff at a cute stand full of pink stuff makes me feel very happy and positive :D It was good to spend time with friends and talk to a wide variety of people, because I'm a little lonely lately and I don't get out much, I charged up on human contact for a while!!

Please check out the Princess Apparel website to see the new items as they appear online, in fact the website has been renewed so just go there for fun ;) And follow Princess Apparel on Facebook to get cute pictures and updates on your feed!

I got up super early that day so I don't have good full body shots, just one I took when I planned the look, and a picture taken at the booth during the event, I cut off the other person because I'd rather be able to ask her whether I can use it before I actually put it here ^^;; so yeah just~


Dress: Primark
Tights: Zeeman
Shoes: Attagirl
Choker: Princess Apparel
Ring: Gift from my lovely
Flower crown: Handmade

I was pretty happy with this look, the colors all went together well, it was comfortable and mature but still cute, I cut the bangs on my wig short which makes me want to have bangs again ^^;; yeah I was pretty happy with this!!
I have some looks from other occasions I still want to share with you but I have to catch up with some topics first, just keep checking back ;)