zaterdag 6 september 2014

Kawaii International Prize Review: Blue Dress and Knit Cardi from GOLDS Infinity!

Hello all! How are you today! I'm very excited to finally write this post :D
It's about the GOLDS Infinity Items I received from Kawaii International as I was one of the winners of the Prospective Kawaii Leader contest! I was very excited about the Golds Infinity prize! Because their style in recent years has been more mature, but they have sweet details that refer to their agejo past! 

Did you know I own some GOLDS Infinity items from previous years? I have a very typical Hime dress, and a more elegant black floral top! I think any agejo or hime gyaru that has been farmiliar with the style for a while,  must have witnessed the change in the items Golds has been producing, I would like to refer you to this post Mitsu wrote on Universal-doll a few years ago, she really caught the moment Golds was changing from a predominantly agejo brand to a more lady-style brand!
Nowadays Golds is focussing on their fans abroad! Yesstyle is an official dealer of Golds stuff outside Japan. You can see their page here, I've seen some lovely items :D
I intend to zoom in on the a/w catalogues and collections from several brands this month, and I think Golds would add another nice angle into a/w trends so 'stay tuned' they say~

The photo Kawaii International provided of the GOLDS Infinity prize was this one:

I was sold right away on the pucci print, but I am afraid that competing with the other up and coming brands like Swankiss and KOKOkim, applications for the GOLDSInfinity prize may have been few...Where are all my lady style gals?!

I planned to pair the look with a floral crown, as the day I wore it was an unexpectedly summery day! And because wearing this long printed dress makes me feel like a fairytale princess!!! So let's just get on with the pictures :D

As you can see the skirt is slightly sheer but it has a formfitting under-skirt attached, so it's really no problem! And the belt like attatchment on the waist is adjustable with shirring in the back and lacing in the front!

I am a boobie lady ^^;; but I am very happy this dress is sleeveless and strapless, as from Japanese stores, sometimes finding something that fits over my boobs and my shoulders can be a pain, but this dress was ok!

The cute knit cardigan is like an upgrade from my Uniqlo cardi, it has actual sleeves but it is oversized and appears as a batsleeve thing if you slide it off your shoulders :) it has long pointly ends you could tie them under your boobs to keep them warm ;)

So, like I wrote above, I felt like a princess in my lovely Golds dress! It's so flowy and nice, I felt so fancy! It was great for celebrating the end of summer, I think with bigger hair and without the cardigan or with a more formal one this dress is also great for parties :o let me try that sometime! I'll show you when I do :)

A special thanks to Kawaii International again for providing these lovely items!

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