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Catalogue Picks for Fall Pt.2: Delyle Noir, DaTuRa, GOLDSinfinity and Rady

I'm sorry for the wait! I'm actually quite busy BUT, here is the second part of my catalogue picks or in fact, most of the brands in this part don't have catalogues online so I went through their online content instead. Here is the previous catalogue picks post

These brands have a rather distinct style, and are a little less trend-dependent, they're in a bit of an isolated segment, but we still see a lot of farmiliar things here~ The issue is that it's harder to distinguish which items are this year's and not last year's and then finding everything.. new items are released throughout the season anyway and we're a few weeks in, it's a little confusing, but here it is, the best I have for you!

Let's start off with Delyle Noir! A few of the items seem to be the same as last year, the dress they were pushing last year is only slightly different from the one they seem to be pushing this year~!

This is this year's dress, winter floral.

Versus last year's or one very similar to last year's, leopard.

So still a lot of white from summer, the red and the black/white that we've seen on a lot of stuff so far, just the whole white top/patterned bottom kind of dress thing, they're cute right? So I like seeing them in winter too!
This is my other favourite item from Delyle Noir, it's the tweed suit with shorts :D

  It's got cute pearl details on the sleeves and around the bottom of the jacket. We'll see some more of these kind of jackets and this kind of embellishments in other brands of this sort too~ Just like the neck embelishments on the dress, that seems like a pretty common thing now, I guess you've seen it 100 times by now but yeah

And just to add to your options on some of the trends we've seen before, there's a leather-look jacket here and a wooly dress, like we saw from Duras before.

Delyle used to be such a cutesy brand but since they became ~*~*Delyle Noir*~*~ they're all grown up and fancy~


Next is DaTuRa, which is actually a store I would say looks a lot like gal budget stores, think of stores like Skinny Lip etc~ Even though I'm not sure we can call them budget that much.. I think a lot of these pieces are actually from last year but they are what pops up when you look for the a/w stuff!

This is a look they were promoting in Larme magazine. It's interesting because the printed set+bat sleeve cardi is a distinct gal style silhouette but the fluffyness of the cardi and the polkadots on the floral print make it kind of special~

This is what DaTuRa suggests as their A/W items~

Undenyably gal! Here we see more of the bat-sleeve cardis, winter florals, white top+printed bottom dresses, peplums and checks. A lot of it is black and white and here's the blue we saw in the previous post on A/W catalogues.

In this mix-set they're promoting we also see some more of that magenta! :D That's just so cute :3
So that's DaTuRa, to be honest I'm not even that big a fan myself because I feel their items sometimes kind of miss the point :X Like the shape is too bold its not elegant anymore or the print on the items aren't as classy or original as their price may demand, but I did decide to share the brand as it seems to have become a big player among gal brands!

Next up is GOLDS infinity, I told you about how GOLDS changed over the last years here. What I like most about their winter stuff is actually the way they style it, the models' hairstyles and things!
I have to be honest it's not easy to figure out what is the new stuff but as these items are from "New Arrivals" I'm guessing this is the A/W collection.

This is one of the most elegant items I found on their page. The check on these trousers is cute and casual but the cut of the trousers is so elegant, I really like how they made this look ladylike and mature!

Here is a LBD with some kind of cutouts around the waist, I've seen a few more of those here and there and I think they can accentuate the waist very well :)

Another more corporate looking coord, like we've seen a lot on the previous post, but as it's a short skirt it's super sexy and reminds me all the more of what Agejo used to look like in like 2008 or something ;) 

 Here's some houndstooth that survived since last winter~! Houndstooth also takes me back :D I was in love with houndstooth shorts similar to these by Cecil McBee in 2007 and 8! But the turtleneck with the embelishments around the neck (or is that just a necklace?) are very 2014~

This last one is kind of like a bridge to the last brand I'm discussing here :3 The dress with a streak sown in is very much like Rady stuff we saw last season~ or before that actually~ And the cardigan with the embelishments like that also resemble Rady cardigans!  The point here is that it's black and white, plus neck embellishments, which we've seen a lot! though the look could have been a little more figure flattering~

You can find some of the latest GOLDS items on Yessttyle here, along with some of their classics too! It's worth checking out :)

Last but not least (last because it's my favourite) is Rady, which had an actual catalogue! I'm really just posting here for the general eye candy, look at it~ 

Here's one of those winter pastels I talked about in the previous post, yellow~! The embellishments are on the pockets here and I'm loving the furry collar, lady-like and cute :D

Here's a simple dress with a flared skirt and embelishments around the neck :) 
After all the white last season we get some black again, for people who like this style Rady sells, but thinks white doesn't suit them, there is a way around that ;)

This coat OMG I love it so much :D omg omg omg soooooo classy! I'd like to be logical about this but I really can't, it's just posted here because it's gorgeous~

And another leopard dress like we saw up there with Delyle Noir, but this leopard comes with black, it looks very fancy and evening-ish :) I love it! I love this shot in general, so cute!

So far the Rady fangirling :3

So to summarize, since last post we've seen some more black and white, checks, florals, winter pastels but a little more color and...leopard! I think you get the idea :) I'm planning a short and tiny bonus post about this fall's style for later, to wrap this up~ I'm pretty excited about that one so if you're bored with this now I hope the next will be a little more stimulating :D

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