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Catalogue Picks for Fall Pt. 1: Rienda, Duras, Lip Service and Cecil McBee!

So as it's September now, it's time to take a look at fall fashion, from Japan, in my case anyway! Last year I wasn't really into reporting about it, but to be honest it doesn't look radically different from last year this year! Which is great it means I can recycle many outfits ;)

If you look at the trends from the catalogues only, it's a pretty dry version of taking in the information, so if you see this and you feel fashion is boring...DON'T! It will be ok, this will be cute I will prove it to you later :)

Let's start with Rienda, sorry for obvious marks of it being screenshots of the catalogue. You can view their catalogue online here.

So according to this shot, we can see a lot of black and white patterns, mostly check-like, a camel trenchcoat kind of thing. red details, and a somewhat bulky masculine touch on the trousers and jackets. (the pieces may be masculine but more the type that brings out a girl's girlyness anyway~) That's a lot of information but as we'll see some of these come back in the other brands, at the end of this post you will remember the basics I think...I've just been playing a game of pairs with the catalogues... But I don't like breaking them down into trends as I prefer to keep the separate brands' styles in tact...

Rienda girls are having fun in navy blue and floral patterns! And the check-like grey items are like a mature and corporate continuation of the pastel gingham in spring~ I am very into this style to be honest I think it's adorable, but I imagine it with more bold jewelry and make-up, at the moment it looks a liiiiittle like the OL's monthly nomikai..

Speaking of corporate, check out the trench and the jacket look with the grey pattern peplum here..

It's gorgeous stuff but if it were a little longer I would wear it to a job interview. I would like to see a more playful interpretation of this on the staff blog later!


Next is Duras. They have two catalogues for fall winter one was a preview and one features ex-Nuts models Sayoko Ozaki and Anna Yano. Look at this houndstooth, black, lace, floppy hat, and big jewelry! It's pretty classy! But I've been seeing floppy hats for so long now, I didn't even know they were still out there!

 What may be a new thing is the shape of the skirts, kind of like a-line mini skirts! I don't even know whether I like them :o but they're quite 90's~ And for purses, Vogue tells me it's about small formal looking bags.. I'm not surprised..

Here's a few more shots for the hell of it, black and white check, leather-like jackets! Actually this might be new this year, in the intensity I leather blouses and jackets covered this year..though I've seen them represented in western fashion more. And the beige long jacket, maybe we can imagine this as a replacement of the camel trench!

Also, black and white print, and a-line mini skirt!

Another recurrent theme I see here and there is this magenta, like in this dress! Considering most of the trending colors are black, white and neutrals, you can pull off a crazy color in the middle of this palette, no problem. So if it were me, yeah I would go for magenta!! I've seen cute magenta nails too...you can go anywhere with this color~

And last but not least the wooly dress on the right page under here, it's a thing! I've seen more of them ;) They are comfortable and sexy. The left page is a good example of casual demin style I see this all over the place but I'm not interested in representing it because honestly you can think that much up yourself in my opinion!


Next up is Lip Service! Where you will see...a lot of the same! Wooly dress, in black and white. Sexy and comfortable..I think?

This is kind of new! It's light blue! 

I see some of the pastels from last year and last spring survive into winter actually, some yellow and more blue, just the cool pastels. In that sense this is a very cool fall, I've seen some red but overal it's a cool palette for my taste..

Here's another floral, Lip Service did a great floral last year too :D So this may be a little dull in the catalogue but it will be cute on actual people! If Happie Nuts would still exist I trust they would show you this is actually very cute!

Here is the Lip Service version of this year's trenchcoat. 

I kind of want a trenchcoat now~! What is interesting is that Lip Service is doing the trench with the choker just like Rienda did with one of their models, but I suppose someone else did it before Rienda~

One last thing we haven't yet seen in the previous brands' catalogues, but that we will see in others and have seen since before summer anyway is the font detail! 

I've seen text details a lot in what is it called, pastel style? And I think it's a super cute and playful detail!

 For today the last one is Cecil McBee! I'm really just involving Cecil McBee because the staff is cute and as back up to my claims above! Let's start off with their font detail :)

I've seen a similar jacket in Amsterdam, with actually sheer black sleeves! That was so cute but I really have to stop buying stuff just because they fit a trend or a style...because half the time it fits a style I don't even care about ^^;; I'm a super compulsive follower right now, if I recognize a style at all, I have a very hard time not buying related items...

Another camel bulky jacket and professional looking trousers!

 And then, magenta! Wow the model has wonderful hair here, also note the lace detail on the top!

And the Cecil McBee alternative to the blue Lip Service jacket~

Honestly you can go anywhere with Cecil McBee, people will tell you it's not gal style, well I agree with that to some extent but in Kyoto our Cecil McBee staff was gal and SO SO SO SO spot-on that I had to come and admire them from time to time!

So, I hope to write you a little more exciting post on fall trends including brands like Delyle Noir, Datura, Rady and GOLDS Infinity! These brands have a little more original style and I hope I can excite you for those! 

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