donderdag 7 augustus 2014

Sponsored Review: Seastar ear clip, bowtie necklace, and set of 7 ringsfrom BornPrettyStore

Today I'm reviewing the cute Items I got from Born pretty store, jewelry and accessories !! I'm excited about these items, they are very cute and elegant accessories! 

You may know Born Pretty Store for their cosmetics and related items, but actually they have an extensive Jewelry and accessories department! The jewelry is cute, and the prices are super good!! I looked at it and I felt like I wanted to buy everything, because it's lovely and affordable!

The items arrived very quick, in about a week's time actually! And the items were each wrapped separately in plastic, and in a protective layer alltogether inside the enveloppe~

let me start with this Seastar ear clip! I can't have my ears pierced, so I depend on ear clips and cuffs for jewelry in that area! This clip comes in several versions, but I chose the seastar so I can feel like I'm still one of the cool kids..idk I see this marine theme everywhere so I decided to go with that!

As you can see it can be used two ways, one as a cuff over the end of the ear, and one as a normal earlobe earring type. With a braid or with wavy hair I can feel a little like a mermaid, I really like it!

Next up is the bowtie necklace, i chose this because it's cute for the bowtie with the rhinestones, but it's kind of special for being adjustable! I think it's really something different..

This one looks kind of delicate, I really like it! It's more modest than most accessories I own but it still stands out, and the bow is just so cute!!


Last is this set of 7 rings, I love rings because I can't get crazy gal nails but my fingers can still be decorated, of course you don't need to use all seven of them at once, but for the picture I have 7 on one hand!

I love the design of these! The smaller ones have openings so they're a little flexible, the biggest one is one that sais "Futuristic mermaid" for me that one fits well on my ring finger but for other girls i think it might be better on the thumb, I have thick joints and big fingers~

I really loved the item designs, they are very cheap, but the designs are pretty detailed! You can get trend stuff like seastars even :3 In that sense you can get your cute, trend jewelry for a really good price! But of course I would recomment coating the items with clear nailpolish once not to let it rub off green and stuff, but that's only reasonable~

Service was good and it shipped really fast! The package came in within two weeks from negotiating the items, even though the contact person estimated longer for it.

I have the priviledge to give you a coupon code, use "LOTT10" for 10% off at your next purchace from Born Pretty Store!

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