woensdag 27 augustus 2014

Sponsored Review: Geo Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey Lenses from Pinky Paradise

Today I'm reviewing these Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey lenses from Pinky Paradise! Did you know Pinky Paradise was my first ever sponsor on this blog? I've reviewed one of my favourite pairs of lenses ever from them, and now I'm lucky enough to be sponsored by them again!

I will review another pair of lenses for you later, as you can see ;) But today are these Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey!

The lenses came with cute lens cases, look I have a pink hippo! And this little tool to keep your hair away from your face, which I actually started using and it has some benefits~

These are the lenses, Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey, 15mm diameter ones! I've kind of fallen for the cafe series, but darker browns don't look too good on me so I went with the grey ones :) The grey matches my eye but they have a light hint of brown around the inner ring of the lens.

Let's see these lenses in, shall we?

One in
 Natural lighting
 Artificial light

I'm loving the bold effect on these lenses, compared to all the demure browns I've been using lately they give off a far more dolly effect!

But because of the dense pattern the lenses come off a little dark on my eyes, and the color doesn't always show as much, for example when I'm not in direct light~

However, I do feel super dolly like before! I think these lenses could go well with thicker make-up too.
Below you can see a picture of me winking, I tend to look to the side to check for halo effect but as these have a thick black outer ring they don't show any halo (wow I look so funny, what's going on here...)

I thought considering the size of these they were exceptionally comfortable. Even though the lenses are a little soft, and hard to put in, wearing them is quite comfortable, I lasted the whole evening with these when I went out to an event, even though recently my eyes easily get tired I had no problems with these lenses at all!

Service was good, the lenses were sent with Fed Ex, communication with the representative was also pleasant. She always replied quickly and solved problems smoothly.

So stars for Geo Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey from Pinky Paradise.

Appearance ★★★★★
Comfort ★★★★★
Service ★★★★★

I am super happy with these lenses, I just need to do a more ott look around it I think~ I'll play around with makeup a little when I have the chance :)

So please wait for my next review of Pinky Paradise!!

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