zondag 3 augustus 2014

Gyaru 'library' meet in Utrecht!

 Last saturday was finally the day we had the gyaru library meet I was planning! Because of the rain we had to choose the option to go to a restaurant instead of do a picknick, which was a little sad as it also made it harder for some people to come to the meet. But we still had a nice number of very sweet participants! We had a few new additions to the Dutch gyaru community and even a guest from Germany! The lovely Hime Hana~

The groupshot was taken at the end of the day after some of us were duped by the rain ^^;; we walked through the rain for a few minutes to go to a cafe, from the restaurant we were earlier and we got absolutely soaked.

But let's start at the beginning, shall we? We met up at the station and moved to all you can eat Sushi restaurant Sumo! We had a meet up there before, remember?
Here is the group, and Rox thinking hard about what she might have for lunch~

 We got some, then we spent some time waiting for the food, Rox wasn't having it, obviously she's like "Where is this food?!"

I took out my magazines but at this point it was kind of not a good time to view them, that's why a picknick might have been more convenient for this idea~

But then, the food arrived!

And lots more food after that, but I spent more time eating than taking pictures ;) It was good and I had fun!

But of course even lunch ends at some point, that's when we ventured out into the rain to go to Stairway to Heaven cafe~ Thats when my jacket got completely soaked! But it was ok because at least at the cafe we had a big table and more space to watch magazines together :3 Even though because of the change of plans from picnick to restaurant some people decided not to bring magazines, for those of us interested (me ;P) there were enough mags to watch, so I still did feel it kind of worked out :D I hope we can try again sometime under different circumstances~

Obviously, no meet is complete without an absolute selfie fest (apparently~) And we had many cute girls in pink, this is one of my favourite pictures of the meet even though it got washed out so bad~ Look at how cute and pink they are~!

At that moment the table was abandoned but it actually looked really cute with Lenie's My Melody bag and Rox' Emoda Furoku bag!

 Even though I was really nervous for the meet because I hadn't organized one in years and I'm just..not so good at dealing with people ^^;; I had a really good feeling at the end of the day! Clearly I had a LOT of help from Rox with this meet also because it was in Utrecht and she's just better at that social stuff~

Let's see my outfit then!

Top: Scamm
Shots: Lip Service
Jacket: Spinns
Hat: Somewhere in Kitaoji Town
Shoes: Attagirl
Tights: I'm not sure of the brand but TK Maxx
Choker: Princess Apparel
Rings: Born Pretty Store! Please expect a review later this week!

I felt really comfortable in these clothes, I do think I need to start doing something about my hair, maybe get extensions, and definitely a dye job and a cut~ But for it being just my own hair I feel this is pretty good~
And lipstick...Gal used to be about nude lips but I'm not sure, looking at the pictures..I have a nice coral I could've used... Anyway~

I don't have any future meets on the menu for the moment! So I'm not sure when I'll see everyone again.. If there is another meet coming up I'll be sure to announce it :)

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