woensdag 27 augustus 2014

Sponsored Review: Geo Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey Lenses from Pinky Paradise

Today I'm reviewing these Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey lenses from Pinky Paradise! Did you know Pinky Paradise was my first ever sponsor on this blog? I've reviewed one of my favourite pairs of lenses ever from them, and now I'm lucky enough to be sponsored by them again!

I will review another pair of lenses for you later, as you can see ;) But today are these Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey!

The lenses came with cute lens cases, look I have a pink hippo! And this little tool to keep your hair away from your face, which I actually started using and it has some benefits~

These are the lenses, Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey, 15mm diameter ones! I've kind of fallen for the cafe series, but darker browns don't look too good on me so I went with the grey ones :) The grey matches my eye but they have a light hint of brown around the inner ring of the lens.

Let's see these lenses in, shall we?

One in
 Natural lighting
 Artificial light

I'm loving the bold effect on these lenses, compared to all the demure browns I've been using lately they give off a far more dolly effect!

But because of the dense pattern the lenses come off a little dark on my eyes, and the color doesn't always show as much, for example when I'm not in direct light~

However, I do feel super dolly like before! I think these lenses could go well with thicker make-up too.
Below you can see a picture of me winking, I tend to look to the side to check for halo effect but as these have a thick black outer ring they don't show any halo (wow I look so funny, what's going on here...)

I thought considering the size of these they were exceptionally comfortable. Even though the lenses are a little soft, and hard to put in, wearing them is quite comfortable, I lasted the whole evening with these when I went out to an event, even though recently my eyes easily get tired I had no problems with these lenses at all!

Service was good, the lenses were sent with Fed Ex, communication with the representative was also pleasant. She always replied quickly and solved problems smoothly.

So stars for Geo Mimi Cafe Waffle Grey from Pinky Paradise.

Appearance ★★★★★
Comfort ★★★★★
Service ★★★★★

I am super happy with these lenses, I just need to do a more ott look around it I think~ I'll play around with makeup a little when I have the chance :)

So please wait for my next review of Pinky Paradise!!

woensdag 20 augustus 2014

3 dinner party looks!

Hey all! I've been away for a bit last week but at least I have a few looks to share :) All from dinner parties and things! Considering the weather here, these might be the last summery outfits I have at all, it looks like fall has already begun ^^ but who knows right, it's still August, the sun might still come~

So this look is one for a dinner party at my aunt's friend's house, in fact I was the one taking care of dinner, together with my mom! My aunt's friend has a huge house at the lake, with a lovely view, it was quite interesting to go there~

I decided on the red lipstick later, as you can see I'm kind of going for a more fall like look anyway...it's not that summery anymore~

Top: Lilidia
Skirt: Forever 21
Jacket: Mixxo
Choker: Princess Apparel
Shoes: Zara

This one was for my aunt's birthday party, at that time it was still pretty warm out, it was a garden party and in the end having a top over the jumpsuit (the green pants are actually a jumpsuit) was a little too warm and inconvenient so when I was helping out with dinner I took it off anyway and went with just the jumpsuit~

Top: Scamm
Jumpsuit: Retro Girl
Choker: Princess Apparel
Shoes: Alysa

This one is the only one in which I wasn't cooking dinner! Haha~ It was a 15 minute gal transformation when I found out I was graduating my master's, and my mom surprised me with macarons and made dinner reservations!

For my hair I used Toni&Guy seasalt texturising spray, I didn't buy it, my mom did, but it doesn't do a lot for me to be honest~ my hair always kind of looks like this...

Dress: Some small boutique
Jacket: Passion for Fashion
Necklace: Forever 21
Ring: Princess Apparel
Shoes: Alysa

Just for fun some pictures of these macarons and dinner :)
This shop is known for their large and brightly colored macarons~ So they aren't actually pastel~ I took this picture with a pastelly filter:

But in reality they are bright colors more like this:

The purple one and the caramel one have golden dust over them, and the others have teensy glitters in them!  They're really pretty! If you follow me on tumblr you'll have seen my pictures of them, I was having so much fun with them! But I didn't get any notes hahaha~ There are so many cuter pictures of macarons out there ;)

For dinner we went to a fusion restaurant called Red Sun, they have interesting dishes and it was really good! The decoration is also cute there~

We got oysters so I decided to have one but I reallllly didn't like it! I'm only just starting to appreciate seafood so this was a little too much for me~

But I tried!!
So, I'm really looking forward to my actual graduation party in the end of october :D I'm getting cute clothes ihihihi! But I should really start earning money soon...

donderdag 7 augustus 2014

Sponsored Review: Seastar ear clip, bowtie necklace, and set of 7 ringsfrom BornPrettyStore

Today I'm reviewing the cute Items I got from Born pretty store, jewelry and accessories !! I'm excited about these items, they are very cute and elegant accessories! 

You may know Born Pretty Store for their cosmetics and related items, but actually they have an extensive Jewelry and accessories department! The jewelry is cute, and the prices are super good!! I looked at it and I felt like I wanted to buy everything, because it's lovely and affordable!

The items arrived very quick, in about a week's time actually! And the items were each wrapped separately in plastic, and in a protective layer alltogether inside the enveloppe~

let me start with this Seastar ear clip! I can't have my ears pierced, so I depend on ear clips and cuffs for jewelry in that area! This clip comes in several versions, but I chose the seastar so I can feel like I'm still one of the cool kids..idk I see this marine theme everywhere so I decided to go with that!

As you can see it can be used two ways, one as a cuff over the end of the ear, and one as a normal earlobe earring type. With a braid or with wavy hair I can feel a little like a mermaid, I really like it!

Next up is the bowtie necklace, i chose this because it's cute for the bowtie with the rhinestones, but it's kind of special for being adjustable! I think it's really something different..

This one looks kind of delicate, I really like it! It's more modest than most accessories I own but it still stands out, and the bow is just so cute!!


Last is this set of 7 rings, I love rings because I can't get crazy gal nails but my fingers can still be decorated, of course you don't need to use all seven of them at once, but for the picture I have 7 on one hand!

I love the design of these! The smaller ones have openings so they're a little flexible, the biggest one is one that sais "Futuristic mermaid" for me that one fits well on my ring finger but for other girls i think it might be better on the thumb, I have thick joints and big fingers~

I really loved the item designs, they are very cheap, but the designs are pretty detailed! You can get trend stuff like seastars even :3 In that sense you can get your cute, trend jewelry for a really good price! But of course I would recomment coating the items with clear nailpolish once not to let it rub off green and stuff, but that's only reasonable~

Service was good and it shipped really fast! The package came in within two weeks from negotiating the items, even though the contact person estimated longer for it.

I have the priviledge to give you a coupon code, use "LOTT10" for 10% off at your next purchace from Born Pretty Store!

zondag 3 augustus 2014

Gyaru 'library' meet in Utrecht!

 Last saturday was finally the day we had the gyaru library meet I was planning! Because of the rain we had to choose the option to go to a restaurant instead of do a picknick, which was a little sad as it also made it harder for some people to come to the meet. But we still had a nice number of very sweet participants! We had a few new additions to the Dutch gyaru community and even a guest from Germany! The lovely Hime Hana~

The groupshot was taken at the end of the day after some of us were duped by the rain ^^;; we walked through the rain for a few minutes to go to a cafe, from the restaurant we were earlier and we got absolutely soaked.

But let's start at the beginning, shall we? We met up at the station and moved to all you can eat Sushi restaurant Sumo! We had a meet up there before, remember?
Here is the group, and Rox thinking hard about what she might have for lunch~

 We got some, then we spent some time waiting for the food, Rox wasn't having it, obviously she's like "Where is this food?!"

I took out my magazines but at this point it was kind of not a good time to view them, that's why a picknick might have been more convenient for this idea~

But then, the food arrived!

And lots more food after that, but I spent more time eating than taking pictures ;) It was good and I had fun!

But of course even lunch ends at some point, that's when we ventured out into the rain to go to Stairway to Heaven cafe~ Thats when my jacket got completely soaked! But it was ok because at least at the cafe we had a big table and more space to watch magazines together :3 Even though because of the change of plans from picnick to restaurant some people decided not to bring magazines, for those of us interested (me ;P) there were enough mags to watch, so I still did feel it kind of worked out :D I hope we can try again sometime under different circumstances~

Obviously, no meet is complete without an absolute selfie fest (apparently~) And we had many cute girls in pink, this is one of my favourite pictures of the meet even though it got washed out so bad~ Look at how cute and pink they are~!

At that moment the table was abandoned but it actually looked really cute with Lenie's My Melody bag and Rox' Emoda Furoku bag!

 Even though I was really nervous for the meet because I hadn't organized one in years and I'm just..not so good at dealing with people ^^;; I had a really good feeling at the end of the day! Clearly I had a LOT of help from Rox with this meet also because it was in Utrecht and she's just better at that social stuff~

Let's see my outfit then!

Top: Scamm
Shots: Lip Service
Jacket: Spinns
Hat: Somewhere in Kitaoji Town
Shoes: Attagirl
Tights: I'm not sure of the brand but TK Maxx
Choker: Princess Apparel
Rings: Born Pretty Store! Please expect a review later this week!

I felt really comfortable in these clothes, I do think I need to start doing something about my hair, maybe get extensions, and definitely a dye job and a cut~ But for it being just my own hair I feel this is pretty good~
And lipstick...Gal used to be about nude lips but I'm not sure, looking at the pictures..I have a nice coral I could've used... Anyway~

I don't have any future meets on the menu for the moment! So I'm not sure when I'll see everyone again.. If there is another meet coming up I'll be sure to announce it :)