woensdag 2 juli 2014

My room in Amsterdam :D

First off I'd like to thank the maker of the valentine for me in Gyaru Valentines last weekend! :3 that's so sweet and I was really happy to see it! Actually it came just in the right time because I was having a rough day so I'm super super happy :) Thank you so much!!

Remember I showed you my room in Japan? Today I want to show you my room in Amsterdam! I still live with my mom so this is the room I've lived and slept in almost all my life :D

I'm a bit of a hoarder and I like detail, but lots of stuff + detail = kind of messy~ And it also means lots of pictures! xD It's my room!! Let's do the tour, I'll start with a wall to wall~

As you can see, there's a lot of stuff...a bit too much, but it's cosy for me! I've actually been organizing and throwing out a lot of stuff lately but I still have a lot left~

Let's look at some details, and a picture of my favourite side of the room which has lots of detail :) (I'm so sad the paper bags weren't hanging straight but..they never do)

This is where I keep my cosmetics nowadays :) I don't even have that much make-up but I also keep the cleansing stuff and empty pouches there~

As you can see I have a mannequin with a lolita dress on it, that was the first lolita brand dress I ever owened, by Metamorphose. My dad let me choose it at the time! I didn't have many options because I was on a relatively tight budget (for lolita) and I was a little bigger then, and this dress was the biggest dress I could get from them..but I'm actually thinking about wearing it to this summer's lolita picknick again :3 because it's my most nostalgic dress~~

A lolita dress by day..but by night, this transforms into a....lamp?!!

You may have seen me use all those flower-lights in my home in Japan, right? I brought them back with me and used them to decorate my room, even when it's not Christmas :)

This last one is a picture of the view~ Now it's summer so I took this picture around 11 at night and there's still light in the sky :) I smile but I actually like winter when it gets dark soon~

To make the room post complete I thought it might be fun to include some pajama shots, but I also don't want it to look so weird so I cut them out like this, two of my cutest pajamas~

They're like my summer pajamas, the purple one was a lifesaver in Japan, because it's the same material as towels...towel material? and it's loose and comfortable :)

I asked my mom to take my picture, and luckily the cat came to join me :) She usually doesn't come to my room a lot D:
 So this was a little look into my life, I hope you liked it~ Since I started taking pictures in my room more often I thought it might be fun to show the rest of the room, I'm proud of my room too and you know, before I'm too busy or move out or anything, I wanted to share some pictures ^^
Thank you for reading!

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