dinsdag 22 juli 2014

MoshiMoshi event with Princess Apparel (and an alpacasso ;D)

Last weekend I had the priviledge to join Rox on the Princess Apparel stand at Moshi Moshi event in Amsterdam! It was quite close to my aunt's home so we stayed over there and walked to the event at the Westergasfabriek event center.|

We set up the stand, next to our friends from Kawaii Deluxe!! But let me spam all the cute stuff once again ;)

Cute necklaces that maybe I didn't show you well last time! 

My favourite bow necklaces

On the far right are some new chokers, with pearl embelished cross chokers and chokers with red rhinestones! And the cute ones in the second row on the bottom with a bow and a charm :D I have one of those!! So cute <3 p="">

Rox, me and my new Alpacasso we called Alpacaseñor, because he is similar to Youtube chef Señor Arpakasso :3 so cuuuuuute!

It was a very different experience from Animecon last time! This was just one day, and because we were standing next to our friends we were chatting a lot.

Also, the whole event took place in one room, so we could see the performances from the stand! it felt like we were doing so much stuff! Time went by really quick~ One of the performances was from our friends' band Koi Pendant.

The last performance of the day was from Chii Sakurabi, I'm not really farmiliar with her as an idol but she was wearing a cute dress and it looked cute with the video in the background~

I was in line for Taiyaki for almost an hour or so, but I didn't even take pics of it...I just wanted to eat ^^;; but too bad I don't have the proof now~

I didn't really have the chance to take outfit shots but I have some shots indicative of what I looked like :3 Sadly no pictures of the back of the skirt even though it has a super cute detail! I will show you again sometime :D

My new Alpaca and me making think faces~


Top: Gift from Jerney
Under top: Primark
Skirt: Princess Apparel
Cardigan: GU
Shoes: H&M
Choker, ring and floral crown: Princess Apparel

 It was reaaally hot so my makeup was melting and my hair didn't work out~ I used the red pack of the QuisQuis Devil's trick temporary hair dye, so I look kind of ginger :)

My gets this time!
One big Alpacasso! I wanted one without a hat or bow or something, because now I can decorate him myself!

A floral crown with chain cross and lace detail made especially for the event by Princess Apparel

A pair of EOS lenses :D It was a friendly gift from Kawaii Deluxe! I'm really excited about these lenses so I will write a review soon :D Sakurina was wearing similar lenses in the last issue of Ane Ageha! So I'm hopefull it will look cute and lady-like~

I had a super super great time at the event again! And I'm just so lucky Rox is involving me in everything her shop does :D I love it! It's so fun!!!
For more pictures of the event please check out the Princess Apparel FB page! You can also see the pictures from when I modelled for Rox :3 I'm really proud so please check them out if you haven't yet!
And if you're there, you can still enter this giveaway to win one of my favourite bow necklaces! :D

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