woensdag 9 juli 2014

I'm a Prospective Kawaii Leader! ~*~ And Princess Apparel Giveaway announcement!!

Wow guys I have fun news :D I was one of the winners of the prospective Kawaii Leader Prize, at Kawaii.i, which is the Kawaii International FB page.
Remember I asked you to vote for me in the contest? Well I won the contest! I didn't have the most votes, because I didn't win the vote-only prize, but I'm sure your votes helped me! Thank you so much for your support!
I think style-wise I wasn't even the most likely winner, I really expected someone like Sui Princess to win! But I have some other things going for me, like Amber explained before (she writes very down-to-earth, helpfull articles about gal). I have my activities related to Japanese pop culture in my advantage.
And to be honest I was afraid the GoldsInfinity prize wouldn't get a lot of entries, due to the great popularity of the other brands like Swankiss and Kokokim, so maybe out of the applicants I was the only one... The other gal winner is Beekballerina from France, she's really cool *o*

There are a few things I want to be clear about to you right now. The winner description said I hold lectures to spread gyaru style etc.. What they refer to (what I also refered to when I filled out the form) was this event here.
I played a part in this event, but in the Netherlands, the most influential gal has to be Rox! She's responsible for most meets and big events, including this event. Rox is an ambitious person and even though it's tough and she doesn't claim credit for it, she keeps the Dutch gal scene together! She even organised international meets in Tokyo and in here too! I help her out where I can, but I'm too cautious to make things work without her!! 
There are other gals putting effort more and more nowadays, making meets and participating in events and I really appreciate that! But if it wasn't for Rox, where would we be as a community?
And if it wasn't for Rox and everything she involved me in, I would not have won this GoldsInfinity prize!

I want to be vocal about that because if I don't take responsibility and tell you I owe so much to Rox, you would never find out so I want to tell you now and I will keep telling you!

To end on a lighter note, they wrote my last name as Homoe...not entirely un-true ;) I actually think I may have misstyped my own name in the form... ^^;; even though I double checked!
And my nationality and place of living is still the Netherlands as you know, I understand where the misunderstanding I'm German came from (Netherlands national = Dutch, which sounds like Deutsch/Doitsu which means German), but I asked them to adjust it! Considering Germany's worldcup succes, it's not a shame to be mistaken for someone German! Germans are winners it seems!

I won a dress and bolero from GoldsInfinity, I'm really happy :D
Golds is my style now, like elegant and mature gal style! So you can imagine I'm really thrilled! I'll spam my prize to you when I get it :3 I'm so so happyyyyy, I won stuff!


I'm also happy to tell you guys Princess Apparel is doing a little giveaway of my favourite necklaces! Please check out the Princess Apparel FB page to see what you can do to win one :D 


If you have more questions about the Prospective Kawaii Leader contest please ask me here, or on my Tumblr.

For questions about the Princess Apparel Giveaway, please visit the Princess Apparel FB page and ask Rox

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