donderdag 17 juli 2014

Cosmetic review: Nail polish and moustache nail stickers from The Face Shop

Here's another review of the cosmetics I got when I was in Korea, I was a little tired of doing posts with my own face in it so much so to take a break from that I planned some other topics~

This is the last review from my Korean haul~  I'm not sure I'll do more cosmetics reviews, I guess if I purchase more cute cosmetics I will! But I have enough for now~

So today is nailpolish! Nail stuff fromt The Face Shop..ironic isn't it?I'll start of with a little review of the nailpolish, and then the nail stickers..

This is one coat of the polish, you can see it's kind of light and the first coat wasn't that covering, even though the polish is a little tough and thick..

 So the next picture is from a different occasion. The thickness of the polish kind of worried me, I was scared of ruining the first coat when putting on the next so I let a day go over it, this sounds weird but it easily gets streaky and tough~

I added a gold detail with other nailpolish I had sitting around~ You can see the color of the nailpolish shows nicely here, but it looks a liiiittle streaky~  Once it dried it hardened and lasted pretty long though~
One coat would aready look cute and sophisticated, but I feel like, if I'm putting something on my nail, my nail should look all one color and not seethough~

Lasting effect:★★★★☆

The next thing is this nail sticker sheet!

The design is fun and cute right?

First I tried one on my nail with a matte nailpolish over it, it looks so cute I really like it!

I put one on each finger with different colors nailpolish under it here! So it's cute, but you can see on this picture that they don't quite bend with the nail, they lift off the nail on the sides, no matter how much nailpolish you put over it~
This makes them prone to breakage. Nail stickers like this never do seem too sturdy, and you should only consider them for an evening out or something, as they will only last that long...but I mean really, these don't even last you the evening and if you sleep they'll chip off on all sides...

Lasting effect:☆☆☆☆☆ (Doesn't last at all)

So the Face Shop is not called the Nail Shop, and for good reasons..Their items are cute but I might as well buy cheap nailpolish off the street market here..But it was fun to review anyway and the nailpolish has a cute color I love so I'll be using it for summer :D I've been using it a lot already!!

It's a little bit random for a review, but I was tired of seeing my face on all posts...

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