donderdag 31 juli 2014

Cosmetic review: EOS lenses from

Hey guys! Today Im writing a review of these lenses I got from Kawaii Deluxe on Moshi Moshi!! I got them straight from the shop so I'm not sure which lenses they are, but I think they are EOSNew Adult Brown!

Kawaii Deluxe is a webshop based in the Netherlands, selling cosmetics, lenses and some fashion goods! So I think especially for girls from the Netherlands it's usefull to check out Kawaii Deluxe!

The diameter of these is not that big, 14mm, which in Rox' case wouldn't enlarge at all, but on my eyes they are certainly enlarging, as you can see on the photo below

They give off a more natural look, with thin black outer rings and not too much enlargement, and the benefit of this is that the brown color shows up well on light eyes, not just like a dark ring around a blue center~

Lets look at them in different types of light:
Natural light
Natural light + flash
Artificial light

 I really like these lenses, I think they go well with a more mature look and they are super comfortable to me~!

At a certain angle you get a light halo effect but as these are really not big it's not so much

So in the end, I really recommend these lenses to girls who want an onee look with comfortable and natural lenses~

Stars for these lenses, probably EOS New Adult Brown, from Kawaii Deluxe
Appearance ★★★★★
Comfort ★★★★★
Service (I'm not sure I can say anything about this but to me the service was great of course ^^)

Thank you for reading my review, I have more reviews coming up~!

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