zondag 13 juli 2014

3 times Orange for the Oranje team! (I know, we're already out~)

As most of you probably know, the past 3 weeks the football worldcup has been going on! I have a lot of readers from Germany, I'm pretty sure you're still in the middle of the worldcup fever~ Tonight is the last match! I think Germany will win...what do you think?

I'm not a real Oranje fan, I don't care whether I see football or not, but if I can join the party, it's fun! So for a few of the matches I wore something orange :3 and I'm making a short post about it.
The first time I wore it I used this dress promoted by a brand of (malt) beer called Bavaria, they produced what they call the Holandress, designed by a Brazilian designer apparently, called Pedro Lourenço.

This dress has two sides, a sexy floral Brazilian side, and a preppy orange side, you can turn the dress inside out and change your look easily~

This is the only time I really got dolled up, the other two times I just put on something orange to go with the Dutch face I usually have under all that make-up xD

The flowers look a little yellow but when I wore them I felt so orange~ It's a shame I won't be able to wear it on a normal day, because everone knows it was a promotional thing, and when we see orange we all think of sports..

Dress: Bavaria
Cardigan: GU
Shoes: Alysa
Hat: I think I just found it somewhere..
Necklace: H&M

The second time, I wore the other side of the dress, the orange version! It became a little messy because I spilt tea on it and I had to wash it quick, but I mean it was a cheap item, not something I mind if it gets a little messy~ (ehehehe sorry but, this is a joke...you see?)

I tried to style it preppy but it's pretty short and I'm a little more on the curvy side of my weight swing now ^^;; so it looked kind of sexy anyway~ Oh well~

Dress: Bavaria
Cardigan: Olive des Olives
Shoes: Alysa
Necklace: Hema
Bowtie: Princess Apparel

I didn't really do make-up that's why my head is cut off ^^;;
This look was for the last match! Against Argentina...I think it's good for them they can play the final, but I think the teams were on the same level...they both deserved it I think~ 

This outfit is my favourite! I would wear this suit on a normal day because it's not such a bad kind of orange~ I will show you sometime when I wear it :) it looks nice! And I think orange looks great with blue like the blue on the bow~

Suit: Second Hand from Spinns
Blouse: I got it at the yacht club for free~
Shoes: Alysa
Bowtie: Princess Apparel

These are our Holland Hamsters! You get them for free at the supermarket if you spend 15 Euros but my grandma just aks for them and then she gets a lot at once so we have a lot :) I think they're very cute and they were lucky items because we got very far this year! But we didn't win~

So for those of you from Germany or Argentina, enjoy the match tonight! :D

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