zondag 6 juli 2014

2 times lovely in lilac

Hey guys, when you read this I'm taking the JLPT in Germany :D I don't think I'll pass because I didn't take enough time to study for this, but if you read this, please cross your fingers for me :D I'll cross my fingers for you any time you need it, just let me know in the comment section ;)

I decided on two looks, Rady inspired (one more than the other) and I personally really liked them!

They were for parties in the family in the past weeks :)

The crazy orange nails were for the world cup, but I actually appreciate orange more lately~        

Dress: Bella
Top: Scamm
Shoes: New Look
Ring and choker: Princess Apparel

Rox gave me that ring because she thought it would be good with my Rady inspired style and I think it works well :D

The next look is for the bigger, garden party! I was studying all day so my shorts got kind of messy sitting down (not great quality you can tell), but I think I still looked ok at the party~

It wasn't that warm so I decided to wear my new jacket with it, which actually made the look so much more festive and colorful :D

I felt like Barbie at the party and it felt really really good :3
Of course I changed shoes at some point because I was doing a lot of the prepping and cleaning during the party~

Jacket: Passion for Fashion
Top: H&M
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Alysa
Necklace: F21
Ring: Princess Apparel
Purse: H&M

I'm happy I found a good look for this top, I love this H&M top but I don't think it's flattering and I kept trying to combine it with mint and green and it looked a little cold...but now it worked :D
So I hope you liked them too ^^ if you have any suggestions please let me know :)

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