donderdag 31 juli 2014

Cosmetic review: EOS lenses from

Hey guys! Today Im writing a review of these lenses I got from Kawaii Deluxe on Moshi Moshi!! I got them straight from the shop so I'm not sure which lenses they are, but I think they are EOSNew Adult Brown!

Kawaii Deluxe is a webshop based in the Netherlands, selling cosmetics, lenses and some fashion goods! So I think especially for girls from the Netherlands it's usefull to check out Kawaii Deluxe!

The diameter of these is not that big, 14mm, which in Rox' case wouldn't enlarge at all, but on my eyes they are certainly enlarging, as you can see on the photo below

They give off a more natural look, with thin black outer rings and not too much enlargement, and the benefit of this is that the brown color shows up well on light eyes, not just like a dark ring around a blue center~

Lets look at them in different types of light:
Natural light
Natural light + flash
Artificial light

 I really like these lenses, I think they go well with a more mature look and they are super comfortable to me~!

At a certain angle you get a light halo effect but as these are really not big it's not so much

So in the end, I really recommend these lenses to girls who want an onee look with comfortable and natural lenses~

Stars for these lenses, probably EOS New Adult Brown, from Kawaii Deluxe
Appearance ★★★★★
Comfort ★★★★★
Service (I'm not sure I can say anything about this but to me the service was great of course ^^)

Thank you for reading my review, I have more reviews coming up~!

dinsdag 22 juli 2014

MoshiMoshi event with Princess Apparel (and an alpacasso ;D)

Last weekend I had the priviledge to join Rox on the Princess Apparel stand at Moshi Moshi event in Amsterdam! It was quite close to my aunt's home so we stayed over there and walked to the event at the Westergasfabriek event center.|

We set up the stand, next to our friends from Kawaii Deluxe!! But let me spam all the cute stuff once again ;)

Cute necklaces that maybe I didn't show you well last time! 

My favourite bow necklaces

On the far right are some new chokers, with pearl embelished cross chokers and chokers with red rhinestones! And the cute ones in the second row on the bottom with a bow and a charm :D I have one of those!! So cute <3 p="">

Rox, me and my new Alpacasso we called Alpacaseñor, because he is similar to Youtube chef Señor Arpakasso :3 so cuuuuuute!

It was a very different experience from Animecon last time! This was just one day, and because we were standing next to our friends we were chatting a lot.

Also, the whole event took place in one room, so we could see the performances from the stand! it felt like we were doing so much stuff! Time went by really quick~ One of the performances was from our friends' band Koi Pendant.

The last performance of the day was from Chii Sakurabi, I'm not really farmiliar with her as an idol but she was wearing a cute dress and it looked cute with the video in the background~

I was in line for Taiyaki for almost an hour or so, but I didn't even take pics of it...I just wanted to eat ^^;; but too bad I don't have the proof now~

I didn't really have the chance to take outfit shots but I have some shots indicative of what I looked like :3 Sadly no pictures of the back of the skirt even though it has a super cute detail! I will show you again sometime :D

My new Alpaca and me making think faces~


Top: Gift from Jerney
Under top: Primark
Skirt: Princess Apparel
Cardigan: GU
Shoes: H&M
Choker, ring and floral crown: Princess Apparel

 It was reaaally hot so my makeup was melting and my hair didn't work out~ I used the red pack of the QuisQuis Devil's trick temporary hair dye, so I look kind of ginger :)

My gets this time!
One big Alpacasso! I wanted one without a hat or bow or something, because now I can decorate him myself!

A floral crown with chain cross and lace detail made especially for the event by Princess Apparel

A pair of EOS lenses :D It was a friendly gift from Kawaii Deluxe! I'm really excited about these lenses so I will write a review soon :D Sakurina was wearing similar lenses in the last issue of Ane Ageha! So I'm hopefull it will look cute and lady-like~

I had a super super great time at the event again! And I'm just so lucky Rox is involving me in everything her shop does :D I love it! It's so fun!!!
For more pictures of the event please check out the Princess Apparel FB page! You can also see the pictures from when I modelled for Rox :3 I'm really proud so please check them out if you haven't yet!
And if you're there, you can still enter this giveaway to win one of my favourite bow necklaces! :D

donderdag 17 juli 2014

Cosmetic review: Nail polish and moustache nail stickers from The Face Shop

Here's another review of the cosmetics I got when I was in Korea, I was a little tired of doing posts with my own face in it so much so to take a break from that I planned some other topics~

This is the last review from my Korean haul~  I'm not sure I'll do more cosmetics reviews, I guess if I purchase more cute cosmetics I will! But I have enough for now~

So today is nailpolish! Nail stuff fromt The Face Shop..ironic isn't it?I'll start of with a little review of the nailpolish, and then the nail stickers..

This is one coat of the polish, you can see it's kind of light and the first coat wasn't that covering, even though the polish is a little tough and thick..

 So the next picture is from a different occasion. The thickness of the polish kind of worried me, I was scared of ruining the first coat when putting on the next so I let a day go over it, this sounds weird but it easily gets streaky and tough~

I added a gold detail with other nailpolish I had sitting around~ You can see the color of the nailpolish shows nicely here, but it looks a liiiittle streaky~  Once it dried it hardened and lasted pretty long though~
One coat would aready look cute and sophisticated, but I feel like, if I'm putting something on my nail, my nail should look all one color and not seethough~

Lasting effect:★★★★☆

The next thing is this nail sticker sheet!

The design is fun and cute right?

First I tried one on my nail with a matte nailpolish over it, it looks so cute I really like it!

I put one on each finger with different colors nailpolish under it here! So it's cute, but you can see on this picture that they don't quite bend with the nail, they lift off the nail on the sides, no matter how much nailpolish you put over it~
This makes them prone to breakage. Nail stickers like this never do seem too sturdy, and you should only consider them for an evening out or something, as they will only last that long...but I mean really, these don't even last you the evening and if you sleep they'll chip off on all sides...

Lasting effect:☆☆☆☆☆ (Doesn't last at all)

So the Face Shop is not called the Nail Shop, and for good reasons..Their items are cute but I might as well buy cheap nailpolish off the street market here..But it was fun to review anyway and the nailpolish has a cute color I love so I'll be using it for summer :D I've been using it a lot already!!

It's a little bit random for a review, but I was tired of seeing my face on all posts...

zondag 13 juli 2014

3 times Orange for the Oranje team! (I know, we're already out~)

As most of you probably know, the past 3 weeks the football worldcup has been going on! I have a lot of readers from Germany, I'm pretty sure you're still in the middle of the worldcup fever~ Tonight is the last match! I think Germany will win...what do you think?

I'm not a real Oranje fan, I don't care whether I see football or not, but if I can join the party, it's fun! So for a few of the matches I wore something orange :3 and I'm making a short post about it.
The first time I wore it I used this dress promoted by a brand of (malt) beer called Bavaria, they produced what they call the Holandress, designed by a Brazilian designer apparently, called Pedro Lourenço.

This dress has two sides, a sexy floral Brazilian side, and a preppy orange side, you can turn the dress inside out and change your look easily~

This is the only time I really got dolled up, the other two times I just put on something orange to go with the Dutch face I usually have under all that make-up xD

The flowers look a little yellow but when I wore them I felt so orange~ It's a shame I won't be able to wear it on a normal day, because everone knows it was a promotional thing, and when we see orange we all think of sports..

Dress: Bavaria
Cardigan: GU
Shoes: Alysa
Hat: I think I just found it somewhere..
Necklace: H&M

The second time, I wore the other side of the dress, the orange version! It became a little messy because I spilt tea on it and I had to wash it quick, but I mean it was a cheap item, not something I mind if it gets a little messy~ (ehehehe sorry but, this is a see?)

I tried to style it preppy but it's pretty short and I'm a little more on the curvy side of my weight swing now ^^;; so it looked kind of sexy anyway~ Oh well~

Dress: Bavaria
Cardigan: Olive des Olives
Shoes: Alysa
Necklace: Hema
Bowtie: Princess Apparel

I didn't really do make-up that's why my head is cut off ^^;;
This look was for the last match! Against Argentina...I think it's good for them they can play the final, but I think the teams were on the same level...they both deserved it I think~ 

This outfit is my favourite! I would wear this suit on a normal day because it's not such a bad kind of orange~ I will show you sometime when I wear it :) it looks nice! And I think orange looks great with blue like the blue on the bow~

Suit: Second Hand from Spinns
Blouse: I got it at the yacht club for free~
Shoes: Alysa
Bowtie: Princess Apparel

These are our Holland Hamsters! You get them for free at the supermarket if you spend 15 Euros but my grandma just aks for them and then she gets a lot at once so we have a lot :) I think they're very cute and they were lucky items because we got very far this year! But we didn't win~

So for those of you from Germany or Argentina, enjoy the match tonight! :D

woensdag 9 juli 2014

I'm a Prospective Kawaii Leader! ~*~ And Princess Apparel Giveaway announcement!!

Wow guys I have fun news :D I was one of the winners of the prospective Kawaii Leader Prize, at Kawaii.i, which is the Kawaii International FB page.
Remember I asked you to vote for me in the contest? Well I won the contest! I didn't have the most votes, because I didn't win the vote-only prize, but I'm sure your votes helped me! Thank you so much for your support!
I think style-wise I wasn't even the most likely winner, I really expected someone like Sui Princess to win! But I have some other things going for me, like Amber explained before (she writes very down-to-earth, helpfull articles about gal). I have my activities related to Japanese pop culture in my advantage.
And to be honest I was afraid the GoldsInfinity prize wouldn't get a lot of entries, due to the great popularity of the other brands like Swankiss and Kokokim, so maybe out of the applicants I was the only one... The other gal winner is Beekballerina from France, she's really cool *o*

There are a few things I want to be clear about to you right now. The winner description said I hold lectures to spread gyaru style etc.. What they refer to (what I also refered to when I filled out the form) was this event here.
I played a part in this event, but in the Netherlands, the most influential gal has to be Rox! She's responsible for most meets and big events, including this event. Rox is an ambitious person and even though it's tough and she doesn't claim credit for it, she keeps the Dutch gal scene together! She even organised international meets in Tokyo and in here too! I help her out where I can, but I'm too cautious to make things work without her!! 
There are other gals putting effort more and more nowadays, making meets and participating in events and I really appreciate that! But if it wasn't for Rox, where would we be as a community?
And if it wasn't for Rox and everything she involved me in, I would not have won this GoldsInfinity prize!

I want to be vocal about that because if I don't take responsibility and tell you I owe so much to Rox, you would never find out so I want to tell you now and I will keep telling you!

To end on a lighter note, they wrote my last name as Homoe...not entirely un-true ;) I actually think I may have misstyped my own name in the form... ^^;; even though I double checked!
And my nationality and place of living is still the Netherlands as you know, I understand where the misunderstanding I'm German came from (Netherlands national = Dutch, which sounds like Deutsch/Doitsu which means German), but I asked them to adjust it! Considering Germany's worldcup succes, it's not a shame to be mistaken for someone German! Germans are winners it seems!

I won a dress and bolero from GoldsInfinity, I'm really happy :D
Golds is my style now, like elegant and mature gal style! So you can imagine I'm really thrilled! I'll spam my prize to you when I get it :3 I'm so so happyyyyy, I won stuff!


I'm also happy to tell you guys Princess Apparel is doing a little giveaway of my favourite necklaces! Please check out the Princess Apparel FB page to see what you can do to win one :D 


If you have more questions about the Prospective Kawaii Leader contest please ask me here, or on my Tumblr.

For questions about the Princess Apparel Giveaway, please visit the Princess Apparel FB page and ask Rox

zondag 6 juli 2014

2 times lovely in lilac

Hey guys, when you read this I'm taking the JLPT in Germany :D I don't think I'll pass because I didn't take enough time to study for this, but if you read this, please cross your fingers for me :D I'll cross my fingers for you any time you need it, just let me know in the comment section ;)

I decided on two looks, Rady inspired (one more than the other) and I personally really liked them!

They were for parties in the family in the past weeks :)

The crazy orange nails were for the world cup, but I actually appreciate orange more lately~        

Dress: Bella
Top: Scamm
Shoes: New Look
Ring and choker: Princess Apparel

Rox gave me that ring because she thought it would be good with my Rady inspired style and I think it works well :D

The next look is for the bigger, garden party! I was studying all day so my shorts got kind of messy sitting down (not great quality you can tell), but I think I still looked ok at the party~

It wasn't that warm so I decided to wear my new jacket with it, which actually made the look so much more festive and colorful :D

I felt like Barbie at the party and it felt really really good :3
Of course I changed shoes at some point because I was doing a lot of the prepping and cleaning during the party~

Jacket: Passion for Fashion
Top: H&M
Shorts: Primark
Shoes: Alysa
Necklace: F21
Ring: Princess Apparel
Purse: H&M

I'm happy I found a good look for this top, I love this H&M top but I don't think it's flattering and I kept trying to combine it with mint and green and it looked a little cold...but now it worked :D
So I hope you liked them too ^^ if you have any suggestions please let me know :)