zaterdag 28 juni 2014

2 quick summery looks, with an oldschool touch~

This is just a short outfit post! These are 'quick' looks because they're relatively comfortable, my hair doesn't get in the way, I'm wearing a hoodie and sneakers, I'm wearing jeans, it's comfortable and easy!
The "oldschool touch" from the title..well it refers a little to styles I don't do as much anymore, the first look is a little oraora inspired, and the second has a top that's remniscent of the summer of 2009 :D

This was a look I wore to the themepark a while hair was still more brown then..I'll dye it again in fall I think, but I like blonde for summer!!
Remember I said casual is the way to go for themeparks? Well...I'm not sure what happened...I think I got a bit nostalgic when the magazines seized publication, and I wanted to wear shorts to tan my legs so this happened... Could've looked better but it was a bit of an experiment to begin with~

Top: Jane Norman
Hoodie: PellePelle
Shorts: CoolCat
Belt: Alysa
Necklace: gift from Rox
Shoes: gift from mom

The next was another quick look for when I went to a bbq!
I bought this top (it's actually a dress) second hand in Japan when I was there with Rox! But it kind of reminded me of a top I had seen in a 2009 issue of Egg!

This is the top! And I wanted to wear it so this is what I came up with :3

I kind of wanted a comfortable summer look with some cute color so I wore pink and green glitter on my eyes :3 I was going for something 2009~

Top (it's actually a dress): Second hand
Pants: Street market
Shoes: Alysa
Necklace: L.Chance I think..but later they sold them for a quarter of the price in Mikazuki Momoko :/
Hair accessory: Daiso

I have more looks to post actually, those of you who follow me on tumblr know that ;) but I like posting one theme at a time :)

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