zaterdag 7 juni 2014

100x Outfit tags celebration part 1! Personal outfit top ten :3

Today is a festive day! I'm celebrating my 100th post on the oufit tag! Sadly I kind of passed the 100th post on accident, because when I was preparing for this theme I added the outfit tag to some posts where I misspelled the word outfit or just forgot to tag :/ so suddenly I had more than 100 posts on the outfit tag... BUT STILL let's celebrate my 100+ outfit posts :D It's not a big milestone...but it is a little one~

So please celebrate with me by taking a trip down memory lane and get all those old looks out of the mothballs! (or out of the blog and photobucket archives...whatever~)

Today's post is a personal outfit top 10, I have one more post planned under this theme for later this week and then I will resume my usual posting in my usual schedule


So this is my top ten (roughly) of outfits on this blog...or actually I can't say it really is a top ten, I was too focussed on showing as many kind of different colors and things and left out some great looks, in favour of a little more bland ones to show a little if you don't check out the outfit tag, you might miss out on some looks I'm very proud of ;) But also some sucky looks that were...tacky or otherwize total fail, I'm not removing them so you can see those if you want :D It's all trial and error to this day~

I've updated the old posts from the time I was blogging more on LJ, like the first and 6th on this list, by adding the pictures I had on LJ (because originally, posts on this blog only had one small cellphone picture to go with my layout at the time~ I took better pictures but they went to the LJ communities and such~) So even if you have looked back before, this time there might be new pictures!
Clicking on the link above the picture will send you to the post and the post might include more pictures of hair, makeup, coats on or off, and in some cases, other outfits if I put them together~

So here we go! I'm starting from nr. 1 because if you get tired halfway, at least you'll have seen the best part~ And you know, my nr .10 might be someone else's nr. 1~

1. Party look from 2010

9. Cute retro look with cat-ear hairstyle (Short before my hiatus)

10.Rock inspired look, fall 2011

So that's my list~ Have you ever made a similar post of your own looks? I'd love to see it for inspiration and fun, so please link it in the comment section :)

Thanx you guys, for sticking with me through 100 outfits! (more actually)
I'm headed for the next 100, and I hope you'll accompany me there :D

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