donderdag 19 juni 2014

100x Outfit tag celebration part 3! Sketches

So I decided that I could still post the last installment of the outfit tag celebration a week later because, why not? I feel it really needs to go in this series because it includes looking back a lot so it's better I post it now :)

This is about my drawings :D I used to draw more original stuff but the past few years I've mostly been drawing outfits, made up of stuff I own or have seen in stores..I rarely ever include original designs, though I sometimes do..but then the outfit usually won't be worn because I don't really make stuff..

The reason I draw is because it's fun, but also so I don't forget a look I came up with! Please know, I'm no artist and I don't consider myself great at drawing, but I think my drawings are cute and I see them more as a tool or step, rather than a result in itself~

I was mostly drawing in school notes and schedule books and stuff until Rox gave me a little book for drawing! Even though I still draw on loose pieces of paper a lot, I draw a version of everything in special books so I don't lose it!

Let's start with some older looks! I have a lot of drawings here that correspond with the looks I showed you last week! They're not always exactly the same, as when I tried it on things might have looked a little different than I expected but well, let me show you :D

(Yeahh this last one, I don't really have full body shots of this~)

I've kind of changed my drawing style and started drawing bigger which looked better~ And sometimes I add color even though it's usually just sketching so I don't take time to colour~ I know the colours of a look in my head, but of course to anyone else it's completely invisible, I realized it the other day when I showed Rox a drawing...I thought it was obvious what the colours are but actually it's not~

I've entered this look for Kawaii.i's Kawaii leader contest! I'm not going to spam everyone with self-promotion, but if you want you could give me your vote :) I'm in with a full-body shot too but that isn't faring well xD

The one in the middle, but you've seen the other ones too~

I have a few more drawings of stuff I don't own or I don't think I'll wear, just to show you~  Sometimes drawing is like brainstorming for me, but not always~

I usually draw unrealistic skinny figures, but sometimes I like drawing chubby little girls, especially for a sexy look with a pencil skirt or something~ But I can't find those drawings right now, I'm more used to the long skinny ones, only if I deliberately think about it I draw a different type~

So yeah, now that's out of the way I'm definitely closing off the 100x outfit tag celebration!!

Like I said above, if you could vote for me in the Kawaii.i contest, for the blue look and/or the full-body Rady inspired look! I would be very happy :3 I'm aiming for the GoldsInfinity prize, it looks like something I need in my new onee style closet, and I think I would make a good Kawaii Leader :3
If you've entered too, please send me a link, I'll vote for you! I've already voted for a few people :3 I'd love to see someone I know win!!!

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