woensdag 11 juni 2014

100x Outfit tag celebration part 2! Pre-blog outfits

As the second part of my 100 times outfit tag celebration I'm making a little pre-blog progress post!
For part 1 click here.

Some of you know me from before this blog! I kept a more personal blog on LJ and posted in LJ communities and on message boards. I only started this blog in 2010, but I had some of the best times in 2009, and went through most of the learning before that! This post is about showing some nice pictures that weren't shown on this blog, and some noob-ish pictures of my progress, mostly outfits but some face shots too~ So get ready for a little spam ;)

This starts from late 2007! I've tried to pick the good outfits..but it's not that great~

 photo foto183.jpg  photo foto874.jpg
 photo foto143.jpg


 photo 18105.jpg  photo pctr595.jpg
 photo Fotos-0048.jpg

 photo Fotos-0041.jpg

 photo 18565.jpg  photo 18056.jpg

 photo 18952.jpg  photo 18658.jpg

Late 2008 I got my first circle lenses! Because before 2008 it was very hard to get circle lenses, and at the time the only way to get them was through a group-order on LJ! Can you imagine what it was like to be gyaru? Without lenses and with expensive drugstore lashes?!


 photo 181326-1.jpg  photo 181492.jpg
 photo 181424.jpg  photo 181775-2.jpg
 photo naamloos11.jpg

   photo 181908.jpg  photo 181905.jpg
I like to tell myself this was acceptable because I was still in high-school then! I was into seifuku inspired looks since early on in middle/high school

 photo 181798.jpg  photo september394.jpg     

so far we're halfway  through 2009, after that I graduated high-school and I went to Japan for a holiday, which drastically improved my gyaru look. I got my first extensions and under lashes, some cute stuff from Japanese brands, lots of magazines and new experiences, new confidence!!
All the preparing work of finding out my style, figuring out how to do my hair etc finally started making a complete picture.. so check out the looks from late 2009 and early 2010 below~This is from right before I started this blog so the style and the items may be farmiliar~

Check out my rad 2009 tan...I'm working on it again..

 photo september269.jpg

It's quite awfull I cut my friends off of this picture, but it's because almost half the people on the picture left HYPER, on weird terms, and I lost the editted version so might be best for all of us ;~;

Themed hairstyles for Valentinesday and Easter 2010

So, as you can see it took me years and years to even get at the starting point I was at when I started this blog and I was lucky enough that I could afford going to Japan and improve my style by that too! Even though nowadays so much can be bought online, that hurdle might be a little less hard to take...but at the same time the bar is set quite high on what beginning gyaru should look like...

For more of my history, check out the My Gal History series, and for more outfits....the outfit tag!

I remembered that I had one more topic for the outfit tag celebration but I ended up being busier than I thought this week so I might not make that post, let me see :)

For now, I'm just really happy so many people are checking out my outfit tag celebration and thank you so much for reading this again :D

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