zaterdag 28 juni 2014

2 quick summery looks, with an oldschool touch~

This is just a short outfit post! These are 'quick' looks because they're relatively comfortable, my hair doesn't get in the way, I'm wearing a hoodie and sneakers, I'm wearing jeans, it's comfortable and easy!
The "oldschool touch" from the title..well it refers a little to styles I don't do as much anymore, the first look is a little oraora inspired, and the second has a top that's remniscent of the summer of 2009 :D

This was a look I wore to the themepark a while hair was still more brown then..I'll dye it again in fall I think, but I like blonde for summer!!
Remember I said casual is the way to go for themeparks? Well...I'm not sure what happened...I think I got a bit nostalgic when the magazines seized publication, and I wanted to wear shorts to tan my legs so this happened... Could've looked better but it was a bit of an experiment to begin with~

Top: Jane Norman
Hoodie: PellePelle
Shorts: CoolCat
Belt: Alysa
Necklace: gift from Rox
Shoes: gift from mom

The next was another quick look for when I went to a bbq!
I bought this top (it's actually a dress) second hand in Japan when I was there with Rox! But it kind of reminded me of a top I had seen in a 2009 issue of Egg!

This is the top! And I wanted to wear it so this is what I came up with :3

I kind of wanted a comfortable summer look with some cute color so I wore pink and green glitter on my eyes :3 I was going for something 2009~

Top (it's actually a dress): Second hand
Pants: Street market
Shoes: Alysa
Necklace: L.Chance I think..but later they sold them for a quarter of the price in Mikazuki Momoko :/
Hair accessory: Daiso

I have more looks to post actually, those of you who follow me on tumblr know that ;) but I like posting one theme at a time :)

dinsdag 24 juni 2014

Recommendations in Kyoto: Tofu Cafe Fujino

It's summer and I keep hearing people are going to Japan for a vacation, so why not make another little recommendation in Kyoto? It's a little unusual as it's about food and not clothes..but you know, food is my other hobby~

It's called Tofu Cafe Fujino! I think this will have made it to some English guidebooks of Kyoto, it's a very popular cafe next to Kitano Tenmangu Shrine in Kita-ku Kyoto, that's near where I lived, so I went there quite often with friends! On weekends and during lunchtime there are always people lining up! And waiting time could be 45 minutes up to an hour~ So I recommend going on weekdays and a little to the end of the day like at 15:30, the shop closes at 18:00!

In the wintery light with the grey exterior it looks a little sad, but actually it doesn't look sad at all! It's a popular shop and you can tell lots of girls like going there! They have a cute bunny mascotte...looks a lot like Miffy so I felt right at home :P

They're a cafe so they have many tasty drinks, sweets and deserts, made on a basis of soymilk or tofu! But I usually went there for their lunch menu shown above, at 1200 yen you can get the o-banzai plate, with many different little dishes, that are based off Japanese classic dishes but made out of tofu! This means the menu is almost completely vegetarian, I say almost completely because there are different reports online about the stock used for the rice, some (more recent) say it's seaweed-based, others say fish stock...In my experience even the miso-soup substitute is vegetarian so why would they use fish dashi for the rice? I would be confident to take any vegetarian friend there...
For vegans, there is egg in some dishes but it can be left out, I'm not 100% sure about the cakes and icecream, but I'm quite convinced they're soy based, you could ask them whether eggs, milk or butter were used...all in all there are plenty vegan options on the menu as well~ So except for Indian restaurants this is the only restaurant in Japan I've seen that offers such a large vegetarian menu, with vegan options. 

The food at Fujino is reeeaaally good, the taste is great, it's healthy, you end up eating mostly soy and only a little rice...On this plate for example you get tofu sashimi (it's two kinds of tofu and one yuba), soybean salad, tofu agemono and tofu seaweed salad, and you get to choose one out of three "main" dishes, tou burger, age-dashi dofu, or age-dashi yuba. You'll be so full after eating the plate and you won't have space for desert..but luckilly you can bring all kinds of soy cakes home ;)There are other lunch dishes and sets too!!!

The staff is friendly and polite, but they do things at their own pace so that might be considered slow by some, the other side of this is that you never feel rushed even when it's busy and you can just enjoy your plate, chat and read the menu etc. The staff will always respond if you signal or call them, sometimes they need to ask the other staff about things but they're not lazy nor rude~~

I recommend Tofu Cafe Fujino to anyone visiting Kyoto! Take bus 50 or loop 203, or express bus 101 or 102 and get off at Kitano Tenmangu mae. It's also walking distance from Randen station Kitano Hakubaicho (ohhh, my heart ;~;)

While you're there, you can visit Kitano Tenmangu, it opens up its special garden for momiji in fall and plum blossom in early spring, and it's popular for spending newyear's eve.

Or Kamishichiken, also known as second Gion but far more quiet.

I was going to add another restaurant recommendation but it would be too much at once, I'm feeling all nostalgic now..
I really hope someone reads this and will go there :3 If I can't have my delicious tofu..someone else should have it~!!!

donderdag 19 juni 2014

100x Outfit tag celebration part 3! Sketches

So I decided that I could still post the last installment of the outfit tag celebration a week later because, why not? I feel it really needs to go in this series because it includes looking back a lot so it's better I post it now :)

This is about my drawings :D I used to draw more original stuff but the past few years I've mostly been drawing outfits, made up of stuff I own or have seen in stores..I rarely ever include original designs, though I sometimes do..but then the outfit usually won't be worn because I don't really make stuff..

The reason I draw is because it's fun, but also so I don't forget a look I came up with! Please know, I'm no artist and I don't consider myself great at drawing, but I think my drawings are cute and I see them more as a tool or step, rather than a result in itself~

I was mostly drawing in school notes and schedule books and stuff until Rox gave me a little book for drawing! Even though I still draw on loose pieces of paper a lot, I draw a version of everything in special books so I don't lose it!

Let's start with some older looks! I have a lot of drawings here that correspond with the looks I showed you last week! They're not always exactly the same, as when I tried it on things might have looked a little different than I expected but well, let me show you :D

(Yeahh this last one, I don't really have full body shots of this~)

I've kind of changed my drawing style and started drawing bigger which looked better~ And sometimes I add color even though it's usually just sketching so I don't take time to colour~ I know the colours of a look in my head, but of course to anyone else it's completely invisible, I realized it the other day when I showed Rox a drawing...I thought it was obvious what the colours are but actually it's not~

I've entered this look for Kawaii.i's Kawaii leader contest! I'm not going to spam everyone with self-promotion, but if you want you could give me your vote :) I'm in with a full-body shot too but that isn't faring well xD

The one in the middle, but you've seen the other ones too~

I have a few more drawings of stuff I don't own or I don't think I'll wear, just to show you~  Sometimes drawing is like brainstorming for me, but not always~

I usually draw unrealistic skinny figures, but sometimes I like drawing chubby little girls, especially for a sexy look with a pencil skirt or something~ But I can't find those drawings right now, I'm more used to the long skinny ones, only if I deliberately think about it I draw a different type~

So yeah, now that's out of the way I'm definitely closing off the 100x outfit tag celebration!!

Like I said above, if you could vote for me in the Kawaii.i contest, for the blue look and/or the full-body Rady inspired look! I would be very happy :3 I'm aiming for the GoldsInfinity prize, it looks like something I need in my new onee style closet, and I think I would make a good Kawaii Leader :3
If you've entered too, please send me a link, I'll vote for you! I've already voted for a few people :3 I'd love to see someone I know win!!!

maandag 16 juni 2014

Animecon weekend with Princess Apparel

So last weekend I was lucky enough to be with Rox to man the Princess Apparel stand at Animecon in The Hague!!!

Our friend Pamela from Reality Will Kill You wasn't able to take her stand so she passed it down to Rox and so two weeks in advance it was confirmed Princess Apparel would be on Animecon! Which also means Rox had to make a lot of stock in those two weeks!!  She was very busy with it all week and this all culminated in this weekend!

We started the weekend on Friday afternoon, building the stand up and opening into the evening :D
This was the stand as we set it up the first day! We moved some stuff around so it changed a little over the weekend~

Rox is the cute entrepeneur of this shop :D so sweet!

 These buttons have funny text on it like "Kawaii in the streets, senpai in the sheets" or "100% Baka", they're really funny and cute! I think they would look cute on the back of a seifuku collar too~

 I love these sparkly gold chain bow necklaces so much, they're adorable ;~;

Seifuku collars in different cute colours :3 Lots of people were asking for blue too, so Rox is seriously considering expanding this line to blue collars too.

The rings and hairbows were the most popular items in the stand, we sold a lot of them and saw a lot of people walk around with the bows on their head, it was very very cute!
In the heart box are some bracelets rings and keychains Rox'  little sister made! Apparently those are all the rage among young kids right now~

And the chokers of course~  We didn't expect the distinctly gyaru stuff to hit so hard on an anime convention, but they were very popular and some colors sold out!!

Some of this stuff is not online yet, if you want to stay up-to date on all the new products before they go online on the store you should like the Princess Apparel fb page and you can always inquire with Rox about the items she puts on there, she will treat you like a princess~ There are a few more pictures of the weekend on there too~~

Standing in the pink and cute stand all weekend I felt really happy xD it's all so cute and it's just fun to look at the stuff, represent the shop, talk to some people..

So this is what we looked like the first day at the con :D

I went for something simple in black and white and comfortable, because I was traveling with a lot of stuff~  You can see I accessorized it with a black and white sailor collar and a name button! And a pink flower barette that pulled the pink of the button upto my head, which made the look a little more cutesy :D

Top: Moussy
Skirt: Egoist
Shoes: Attagirl
Collar, button and barette: Princess Apparel

Things got started a little slow, but we had a lot of friends coming around on the friday, which was fun :D We met the neighbours at the other stands and they were sweet, the atmosphere was really cool!

Day two was a pretty good day! We had lots of people come to the stand and it was exciting! We also kind of got more into the talking to people and stuff :3 it went really well and we had a lot of fun!

This was my look for the day:

We went for a yukata look that day, Rox looks so cute with the way the colors coordinate and the colors of her make-up and hair :D I thought she was so cute :D
I looked a little round and young hehehe, but I was aiming for something cutesy and pink and we totally matched with the stand that day! I accessorized with the name button, a blue floral bow and the pink flower barette, and the blue small bow choker!! I was in love with that choker for a while already, and I didn't want to wait for an occasion to put the outfit together that I dreamed up with it, so I wore it on the con and bought it right away :3 hihihi don't you think it's cute and totally elegant? :3 I can't wait to show you what I'm gonna do with that!!

Yukata: I don't remember at all, I've had it since 2006..
Yukata undergarmet and obi: Second hand from Van Hier tot Tokio (Antiques)
Button, choker, blue bow and rose barette: Princess Apparel

Here is a snorlax interlude, before we move on to the next section..

For day three we went for rock style! With a bit of boobies...because we had been standing across from Yaya Han's signing booth all weekend, more about that later!!

How many bows have I got on?!!!

One, two, three and another bow on my button on my hat!! I think the bow family is so the baby bow on my choker, the princess bow on the necklace and the big bow over the chest of my dress :3 I felt so cute with this outfit! I was a little uneasy in this dress before, but with the Glamorous Jane bow over it I feel better and I had fun with it :D
I got so attached to the bow choker and the mint bow necklace, I love those necklaces so much, but I don't have a lot of mint things to go with this particular one...still thinking about the hot pink one though :3 ihihihihi

Dress: Glavil
Black bow bandeau top: Glamorous Jane (part of Me Jane)
Hat: Spinns
Stockings: Could be anywhere..Primark maybe
Shoes: Attagirl
Button, bow charm choker, sparking bow necklace: Princess Apparel

That was the last day of the convention, we had to clean up after that and got to go home, sleep in our own bed again and not spend the day all together...I miss Rox, it was fun to hang out together again..

Many friends came to hang out at the booth and chat :D And we had good connections with the people in booths around us..
Across from us was the signing table of famous cosplayers! I'm not a cosplayer myself but one of them I had obviously seen on pictures before, that was Yaya Han! She looked amazing all three days and in the end we even took a picture with her!!

Boobie ladies! She's so cute and very sweet :3 it was really cool! We don't look too great on the picture but it's proof we were there~

I went home from this weekend with a lot of stuff, some gifts and some purchases :3

The gifts were this super cute white ring with a bow on it, Rox gave me the white one because it would go well with my Rady inspired style :D And this cute cute Sentimental Circus sticky note book!
I got these two chokers, a blue cute one for hime style, and the black for more mature styles too!
The little lightsaber Rox' sister crafted, it's just the right size for my phonecharm to hold~ And I got hamburger Popin' Cookin' kits! One for me and one for my nieces~  I couldn't find the hamburger kit anywhere in Japan!! So I was happy I found them here~ I want to make a cute picture series with my Rilakkuma friends again :3

All in all, I had a super great weekend, I want to thank all my sweet friends that came by to talk, people I hadn't seen in a while and people I see more often too. Booth neighbours and new customers, and Rox for giving me a chance to be part of this, I was soooo excited about it!! I'm really looking forward to MoshiMoshi next month in Amsterdam!!!

Please come see us there too!!!