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Sponsored Review: Mint Golden Cross Collar from Princess Apparel

This is a special review of an item that is not currently online from Princess-apparel! It's a mint green collar with golden crosses at the ends, you have seen this item before, but I needed some time to coordinate it with a few things, and of course I only wanted to show you after Princess Apparel actually opened their online shop!

Let me tell you about Princess Apparel first! Princess Apparel is a brand of, currently, accesories, all designed by Rox :) 
The accesories are all hand-made with the utmost care, and all designed inspired by trends in Japanese fashion! Many of the items fit seamlessly into gyaru trends. But some of the items would actually go great with Lolita and other Harajuku-based styles too!
Some of my favourites are this Chained Cross Choker in black or white, like I borrowed for last week's meet! They're out of stock right now as there were some problems with the supply of the cross pendants :( I know these are gorgeous, but please be patient, they will be stocked again~
And I'm a little in love with these Small Bow Chokers, I have an outfit plan for them so I'm actually planning to get one if I get the rest of my outfit together..

The stock on items is never too high, but if an item you like is out of stock, the time till they stock up again is usually written online, or you can contact Rox and she can recreate it for you, or give you information on other, similar items etc.

Rox doesn't mind if you contact her for customizing the items in different colors. This collar isn't currently online, but you can inquire with Rox for a similar item, I promise you will be treated like a princess :D

Princess Apparel has a fb page with information on items in progress etc, it really pays off to check them out!


So on to the item :) the item is well put together, the seams are straight and lovely, the fabric is stiff enough for the collar to have stayed in shape for over half a year though being dragged around places, but not rough or hard on the skin :)
The golden crosses are cute and delicate, and I like that they have a bright color because I think the mint collar goes well with black and white things, but you don't want the gold to be too mellow then :)

Princess apparell has an adorable logo stitched in the back of my collar! But for small items this is impossible of course :)

Now for some coordinates!

This is a more ott gyaru look..how do we call this style? I'm not sure..but I think the collar goes well with this kind of style :D.

Dress: Glavil
Underdress: Gift from Rox :3
Tights: TKmaxx
Shoes: Zara
Necklace: River Island
Collar: Princess Apparel
Other Accessories: Random little stores :')

This is an onee look with the collar, I'm using a black and white top with a print and solid mint jeans~ the collar is a playfull accessory but not childish at all in this context! It looks like something I could go to school with and do a presentation in or something~

(Wow I look so moody but I kind of like it~ This is just...how I look I think~)
Jacket: Mixxo
Top: H&M
Jeans: Pieces
Shoes: Jane Norman
Purse: Furoshiki/shiki
Collar: Princess Apparel

This look is kind of for a reception party, I like the combination of these textures~

Top: Boutique in The Hague
Pants: Shoo-la-rue
Shoes: Jane Norman
Bag: 3.3 Field Trip
Collar: Princess Apparel

I really recommend Princess Apparel, there are many cute accessories, the items are well made and they're trendy!
If anyone, I can tell you Rox is a sweety and you can always contact her if you want an item customized!
Please check out the Princess Apparel website
Like the Princess Apparel Facebook page to get updates on new items being developed, and for cute pictures :)

So if you're interested in Princess Apparel and you're in or near the Netherlands, I have good news for you!
Princess Apparel will have a stand on Moshi Moshi Con in Amsterdam! It's a Japanese culture event with other stands and fun events like a Japanese fashion show/contest and a lolta high tea!!, and I will be there too, accompanying Rox at her stand :D
We'll be selling the items including hit items, but also new items that haven't appeared online yet!!!
I really hope lots of people will come say hi to us at the Princess Apparel stand! 

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