maandag 5 mei 2014

High Tea Meetup in Genki-Tei Hello Kitty cafe, the Hague.

Yesterday was the high tea meetup that HYPER's Elise organized! The event was in The Hague, I took a little detour so I could travel with Rox most of the way :) The food was cute-looking and nice, the staff was also very nice~ And I met some Dutch gals I hadn't met before!

It was very fun but due to our great number and the narrow-ness of the shop, I wasn't very mobile and I don't have as many pictures as I would like~ But the ones I do have are very cute!

Some of us signed up for Hello Kitty High Tea, including me :) it wasn't expensive, but then it was a kind of alternative high tea, as almost all the items were Hello Kitty-shaped!

Except for the sushi~

And the red-bean fluff...thingies....thingies~

The pink and purple Hello Kitties are strawberry and blueberry flavoured cheesecakes!
I cracked the pink one picking it up and so the kitties were crying..see they have teary eyes?

This last one is a confused one~

Then I started getting cruel, and I decapitated one of the kitty biscuits..

Hello Kitty teapots were another cute detail~

Actually because came with a big group we couldn't sit in the cafe, but we were moved to the restaurant instead, but we did come to the cafe to see it a little and it was very very cute!!

Everyone posing for a picture that was taken from the whole other side of the cafe ;)

A few pictures with friends :D

And a groupshot!

Everyone is looking so cute again! I'm always so happy to see so many cute Dutch gals :3 You make me feel proud to be part of the Dutch gal community!

It was a fun day! And after splitting up with the rest of the group, Rox and I did a little shopping and had dinner together before going home :)
So for the look, this time I couldn't decide whether to go for my new kind of onee style, or something more flashy, I chose the latter~  I love dressing up flashy too but...I also just love my new style so much...there is really no saying what direction I will go on from now, but that's what's fun about fashion I think :)

My hair is very long and has no layers so I couldn't keep it big for very long, but on the other side of that, I didn't need to use extentions! Because of my long hair ;)

Please click the pictures for bigger versions!

Dress: Wonder Woman
Under top: D&G
Hoodie: PellePelle
Jacket: Imugirls
Shoes: Attagirl
Choker: Princess Apparel
Belt: Alyssa
Chain belt: Gift from Juul
Other accessories: Primark and street market~

But actually one item was kind of the finishing touch of the coordinate! I just coudn't take pictures of it at home yet so that's why I added two kind of bad photos from out in town~
It's that gorgeous choker!! Actually this is an item from Rox' online store Princess Apparel!
This is the Chained Cross Choker in black, with a few extra diamonds~  I thought it really finished this look, and nowadays these kind of chokers are used with many cute gal styles, not just the rock-themed ones~
I saw many Dutch gals in this meet and the last wear cute chokers :) So I'm glad I could be one of them too this time!

I had fun at the meet! The next planned meet I know of is the one I'm organizing in August

I'll be attending a few events before that though so who knows who I'll meet :) The warmer season is always exciting because there are so many events~ I hope you're all having fun and attending events too if you have time :)

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